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Synonyms for dorsal

belonging to or on or near the back or upper surface of an animal or organ or part


facing away from the axis of an organ or organism

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apicalis have characterized it as having a pterothorax with a narrow dorsal stripe and either no or at most thin humeral stripe, except for populations from Florida in which the humeral stripe is wider and extends more than half the length of the pterothorax.
A pairwise comparison test showed that mean durations were significantly higher in the most enduring components, such as clear, iridophore splotches, and bands (P < 0.05), than in the most short-lived components: arm spots, lateral mantle spot in females, fin stripe, accentuated oviducal gland, lateral mantle streaks, and dark dorsal stripe (Fig.
2010, and 40 mm SVL, 6 May 2011), one silver-backed phase, with a light grey dorsal stripe (32 mm SVL, 29 Sept.
The redback is closely related to the notorious black widow spider and differs in appearance only by the absence of a red dorsal stripe.
They studied the effects of the prevalence of a dorsal stripe among a group of model salamanders on the foraging behavior of a flock of Blue Jays.
* Dun--Body color yellowish or gold; mane and tail may be black, brown, red, yellow, white, or mixed; usually has dorsal stripe, zebra stripes on legs, and transverse stripes over withers
Often known as the Asiatic or Mongolian wild horse, Przewalskis have a stiff upright darker main and dorsal stripe, typical of the Norwegian Fjord horse and zebra.
sirtalis has variable small dorsal "checkers" of tan, white, brown, and black, and sometimes yellow or orange, and a light-colored (ivory to yellow) dorsal stripe running most of the length of the body (see Conant and Collins 1998).
The components scored included the completeness and contrast of the dorsal and lateral stripes [completeness was measured on a 0-4 scale, 0 = absent and 4 = present the entire length of the body (DS, dorsal stripe; LS, lateral stripe); contrast was scored on a 0 through 3 scale of increasing contrast (DC, dorsal stripe; LC, lateral stripe)]; and the presence or absence of dorsal and lateral rows of spots (= SPOT; 1, no spots; 2, 1 row of spots; 3, 2 rows of spots).
White dorsal stripe was a lightened stripe in the center of the dorsal mantle and varied in intensity; it either extended along the entire longitudinal length of the dorsal surface or was restricted to the posterior region.
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