dorsal fin

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unpaired median fin on the backs of fishes and some other aquatic vertebrates that help to maintain balance

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Next, Workman lays the stinger hook alongside of the live bait just in back of the dorsal fin and measures where the hook can be hidden under the skin without impeding its swimming action.
We were absolutely gobsmacked - as soon as I saw the dorsal fin and the tail I knew it was a large shark.
Diagnosis: Austrolebias bagual can be uniquely diagnosed from all other species of Austrolebias by the unique colour pattern on the body and dorsal fin in males.
That their life on display for the general public was worth the family separations, worth the curved dorsal fins, worth the grounded teeth, worth the frustration demonstrated by the animals.
The dolphins are given individual codes based on distinctive features such as how marked their dorsal fins are.
Basking sharks are characterised by their large dorsal fins and docile
The dorsal fin of a conger begins quite near to the head and its lower jaw protrudes; these two features help distinguish small conger eels from common eels.
ANSWERS: 1 Buster Keaton; 2 Peking Man; 3 Portuguese; 4 The Nissen hut; 5 Burke and Hare; 6 Brendan Behan; 7 Vidkun Quisling; 8 Andorra; 9 The Aviator; 10 The dorsal fin.
Australian authorities believe the propeller of a ferry injured the whale whilst it was swimming, causing a gash near its dorsal fin.
Kai with his blue dorsal fin Wayne stays covered up Col basks in the sunshine Coleen gets pool boy to clean spill
Porpoises differ from dolphins in numerous ways, their dorsal fin has a straight leading edge, looking more like a shark fin while a dolphin fin has a curved leading edge.
Scientists are asking people who spot a great white shark from a safe distance to snap a photo of its dorsal fin.
Blue Whale Broadcasting Sets SailThe team decided that the best feature of the blue whale is its distinctive dorsal fin, a definite show of strength and steering power.