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Synonyms for dormancy

the condition of being temporarily inactive

Synonyms for dormancy

a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction

quiet and inactive restfulness

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The BSP said last week that its policy framework on basic deposit account will remove the "usual barriers" in account opening including an opening amount and maintaining balance considered too high by most new depositors, dormancy charges, and lack of identity documents.
Cotton sticks should be exposed before sunlight by changing their position in Feb, Mar and April so that worms undergoing winter dormancy convert into Pupae and die.
This way, the objective of this research was to evaluate the potential use of the best water absorption pattern, container size and the need of breaking the tegument dormancy, for the application of the electrical conductivity test in small and large seeds of Acacia mangium, coming from commercial plantings of different ages, established in low yielding capacity soils on savannah areas of Roraima.
Different approaches of dormancy overcome have been tested, mainly for forest species seeds.
To comply with the notification requirements, a depositor must be notified through postal mail, courier delivery, e-mail, telephone or other means at least 60 days before the deposit becomes dormant; and at least 60 days prior to the charging of dormancy fees,' the BSP said.
There are several models of cold units used for different species around the world, most of which consider a sequential pattern of thermal needs during dormancy.
Usually farmers do not take care of plants at dormancy stage which results in vegetative growth from buds instead of flowers or sometimes cause early flower growth which die due to cold weather conditions and compromise production.
Priming and stress interactions at high humidity and temperature were evaluated for the first count of germination, total germination, and percent dormancy of chemically scarified seeds (Table 1).
2] had cited that the henbane seeds have a low germination rate under normal laboratory conditions and to break dormancy in his study, he had treated henbane seeds in GA3 (250mg/l) for 48h and after 3 days, 90% of seeds germinated.
Dormancy is one of the remarkable traits evolved in seeds that synchronize germination with the most favorable season for seedling survival (Vleeshouwers et al.
If the true owner cannot be found during the dormancy period, the property is considered abandoned Holders of such property must report and transfer the abandoned property to the state where the owner was last known to reside.
However, my area of concern in this article is the role that dormancy plays on plant cold damage.
This text thoroughly covers seed germination and dormancy by detailing fossil evidence of dormancy, the molecular basis for this process and the evolution of different types of seed dormancy.
We here reviewed recent advances influencing factors of PHS, including seed dormancy, seed coat permeability and color, a-amylase activities, endogenous hormones levels, genes and QTLs.
However, information on the types of dormancy and the conditions necessary for embryo growth and germination is particularly scarce in this family (Vandelook and Van Assche, 2008).