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a college or university building containing living quarters for students

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Caption: Following their dorm use, Mary Beth Lively moved her items home to her own bedroom.
SWOL Safe - A dorm safe is an essential that the college student will not want to go without.
Prior to the April airing of "Heroes of the Dorm," eSports will be featured on ESPN during the "(http://xgames.
Griffel called the new, yet-to-be-named dorm "the first project in the University of Oregon residence hall capital plan," which will extensively remodel three large, existing dorms in phases during the next 12 years.
Martin Dorm died in hospital days after a discarded cigarette set his flat in Church Road, Moseley, on fire
Dolphin Dorms, the 277-bed residential building designed for use by Jacksonville University students, is shaping up as an almost $10 million project.
VAR of the security camera footages showing the arsoning of the dorm
3) Ninety percent of the dorm rooms had a ventilation rate less than 8.
The school also bought 726 Broadway, and a 21-story building at 23rd Street and Third Avenue, which is now a dorm.
After a great deal of deliberation, many meetings and some security enhancements, the decision was made to move the faith-based restorative justice honor dorm to the annexed dormitory.
So, if a student wants to turn on the feature while, say, walking back to a dorm late at night, campus security can "watch" her progress remotely to make sure she arrives on time and safely.
At least so it seemed to Armando Martinez, who runs the education program at a high-security Castaic jail, and watched from outside the jail dorm as the prospective student was handed a form.
A Dorm HQ fixture and signs with the tag line, "everything you need for your dorm," was the centerpiece of the housewares section that opened the home department at a Macy's store in Elmhurst, N.
Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, excited and enthused about my new independence and all the good times coming my way, After four torturous years of high school, I was now in my dorm room unpacking.
Eimi Yamashita has just moved into her new dorm, and she must now pass the initiation test: sneak into the boys' dorm and steal a pair of nameplates, lf she is caught, she will be expelled.