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Synonyms for doped

stupefied, intoxicated, or otherwise influenced by the taking of drugs

Synonyms for doped

treated or impregnated with a foreign substance

Related Words

under the influence of narcotics

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Structural, optical and photocatalytic properties of hafnium doped zinc oxide nanophotocatalyst.
2] describes the drug tests' uncertainty because a doped cyclist does not know if his drug abuse will be detected.
2] Doped Ag Thin Film on PET Plastic for BTEX Treatment, Journal of Sustainable Energy and Environment.
Occasionally, tests indicate that the athlete is not doped when he or she is or that an athlete is doped when he or she is not" (Berentsen, 2002, p.
One of politics most striking arguments against the new Anti-Doping legislation criticises the fact that the law still does not criminalise the doped athlete.
Polyaniline doped with d,l-camphor sulfonic acid and processed from m-cresol solution is one notable exception [4].
Ceramics have already shown superconductivity atw higher temperatures, and potassium is so reactive that the doped from cannot be exposed to air.