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Synonyms for dope

Synonyms for dope

a substance that affects the central nervous system and is often addictive

to administer or add a drug to

dope out: to find a solution for

Synonyms for dope

an ignorant or foolish person

carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts ('dope' is a southernism in the United States)

slang terms for inside information

take drugs to improve one's athletic performance

Related Words

add impurities to (a semiconductor) in order to produce or modify its properties

give a narcotic to

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In the past, Pakistan cricketers including Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif, Abdul Rehman and Reza Hasan have also tested positive in dope tests.
Yeah, it originated in the ghettos to escape the reality that Mom was smoking crack or your father was a dope fiend or living some type of stagnated existence.
Get the Dope on Dope: First Response Guide to Street Drugs, Volume One also includes an extensive symptom chart that helps officers pair a wide variety of physical and mental characteristics users often illustrate.
"Stereotypical wisdom has it that when people get addicted to dope, they become greedy and money-centered," she writes.
A meeting in this connection was held in the office of NADA on January 18 in which various issues and modalities for proper supervision over the dope control process to be carried out by these experts were discussed.
So far, 20 cricketers have undergone random dope tests in the United Arab Emirates.
After allowing the P3OT to completely dissolve and the DBSA adequate time to dope the P3OT by stirring overnight, a [FeCl.sub.3]*[6H.sub.2]O (Fisher) solution in acetonitrile (Aldrich) was prepared and slowly injected into the P3OT-DBSA solution by syringe.
Naveen Agarwal to go ahead and conduct Dope test for cricketers in India for domestics and international games being played here in our country," Bhatnagar told ANI.
OFFICIALS from the World Anti- Doping Agency ( WADA) made their third unannounced visit at the National Institute of Sports ( NIS), Patiala, in last six months on Friday and collected 21 dope samples from the weightlifters.
In terms of s 10(1)(d) of the 1997 Act, (11) the Institute intends to bring about the introduction of a centralized independent sample collection and testing program, which may subject any athlete to dope testing on short notice or without notice both in and out of competition.
The 30-year-old was provisionally suspended after failing a dope test, which was collected on March 18 during out-of-competition in Mumbai.
THE Board of Control for Cricket in India ( BCCI) has finally woken up to the doping menace around the world and marked the introduction of dope tests in domestic cricket at the just- concluded Vijay Hazare Trophy.
Materials scientist Paul Smith of the University of California, Santa Barbara, says he prefers to dope the polyaniline by allowing chloride or other ions to diffuse into the polymer rather than going through the chemical step of bonding dopant molecules or atoms directly to polymer molecules.
"The PCB is introducing in-competition dope testing during the Twenty20 tournament in order to strive for drug free sports and to protect the basic framework for the athletes.