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a nail with a large head

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A post doesn't have hearing, a doornail was never alive, lots of lords live sober lives, parrots are rarely sick and frogs aren't generally mad, even if they are in a box.
Thereafter in a wide range of compelling excerpts, the anthology celebrates the career of Anthony Cronin who shrewdly records the antic behavior of Brendan Behan and Patrick Kavanagh in his remarkable Dead as Doornails.
We cannot, except the God who raised Jesus from the dead also picks us up, dead as doornails in trespasses and sins, drowned and cold as the River Jordan's muddy waters, and builds us, recreates us, makes us new.
You know the ones I'm talking about: I'm Mike and Here's My Dull as Doornails Life.
The Garden of Eden, the Virgin Birth, transubstantiation, the end of the world -- all dead as doornails, stripped of relevance and resonance?