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a nail with a large head

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You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Marley was as dead as a doornail.
These tales, which ended in 100-grain Noslers killing game "dead as a doornail," to quote my grandpa Hub, lit my passion for hunting.
A doornail was a large-headed nail or bolt with which long-ago carpenters studded doors to strengthen and decorate them.
Even though I'm only 10; I've rescued four cats since I came to Dubai and have seen lots more, some skinny and frail, and others as dead as a doornail.
After World War II Nietzsche came to the universities thanks to Walter Kaufmann, who somehow succeeded in turning Nietzsche, by then said by a nameless professor to be "dead as a doornail," into an "indispensable philosopher for postwar American life.
A post doesn't have hearing, a doornail was never alive, lots of lords live sober lives, parrots are rarely sick and frogs aren't generally mad, even if they are in a box.
Warns Israel Over Bill to Limit Foreign Funding to NGOs [Haaretz] Earlier: The Peace Process Is Like a Doornail
But that's all ancient history now, deader than a doornail in the imaginary land of its former existence, Amerika, which deflects and then absorbs its critics and marginal men by enriching them, just one of its many vast assimilative powers.
With Brown's victory, PPACA appeared to be dead as a doornail,
Even otherwise taking a holistic view, dominant element in the Judicial Commission, where the nominations are to be effectively finalised, being the sitting Chief Justice aided by his senior associates, it seems somewhat pernickety to make an issue of an inconsequential provision which in any case in practical terms one sees destined to remain dead as a doornail, and the Hon'ble Judicial Commission having the last laugh.
If you have a base metal project, other than a large copper project like Pebble, the markets are dead as a doornail," he said.
Meanwhile, customer service is as dead as the proverbial doornail, conveyed to its not-so-peaceful final rest by automated switchboards, the cash-bots that have stealthily replaced bank tellers, offshore help-desks manned by minions.
It was as dead as a doornail in January and February," Correia said.
Letters are composed via the Doornail website, with the option to have full colour including logos, and promotional messages can be added.
One day Tod took from the trash a framed certificate and went and hung it on the toilet doornail.