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a stupid incompetent person

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Granted, they too encounter a pair of robots from the future; but the Bill and Ted cyborgs are hopeless, low-budget doofuses compared with Schwarzenegger, which is the whole point.
Ramirez, you picked two doofuses as attorneys and you have no right to keep them?
It centers on a group of kids who find a pirate treasure map and must outwit some bumbling doofuses to get to where X marks the spot.
The doofuses in the pole line were Miss Jane, the pseudo-sophisticate whose efforts to "reform" the Clampetts never worked, and the oily banker who never approved of their investment plans.
And there's the question of whether pro diamond smugglers would ever use doofuses like Tee and his friends as middlemen.
on a sunny day, and you're sure to see scads of doofuses wearing hats meant for slalom, and big thick scarves.
A dark goofball comedy about assorted doofuses in Washington, D.
Think: Another babe is saddled with a dozen doofuses or so to romance, this time in Hawaii, as if that'll change anything.
The title comes from a song by the Smiths that roommate doofuses Stew (played by Adam Legg) and Rodney (Michael Cassady) would obviously recognize.
What began as a bit part in the first ``American Pie'' movie has mushroomed into one of the great raging doofuses in screen history.