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a stupid incompetent person

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Hunt, and the two doofuses he worked for there, Allensworth and Emerson.
"Now they're trying to show that they're not the doofuses that they are."
During an interview with Fortune, Bartz slammed the company board for firing her and referred to them as a bunch of 'doofuses'.
Here he is in The In-Laws (the original, you doofuses).
Or do you stand for the proposition Americans have the freedom and liberty to be bad shots, and that right should be energetically protected (as I once saw advocated by a bunch of doofuses in an Internet thread)?
Their first film, Up in Smoke (1978), established the template: marijuana-fueled high jinks from appealing doofuses, in this case, stoners smuggling a van, made almost entirely from marijuana, from Mexico to Los Angeles, while being pursued by inept law enforcement.
It is difficult for us laymen to understand the degree to which academics are twerps, nerds, doofuses, and dweebs, not to mention moral cowards.
As for "glamorizing" drug use, it hardly seems an apt description of movies featuring two stoned doofuses. "I've seen every Cheech & Chong movie," says former High Times co-editor Rick Cusick, "and glamour is not a word I've ever attached to that experience.
So maybe the doofuses (or is it doofi?) can save one of their precious trees and stop wasting space on these pages.
(Which explains why the Founding Fathers originally called it the House of Doofuses, a little known fact.)