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a stupid incompetent person

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She said the shows were upsetting her son, also called Kenny, and asked for the character's name to be changed to a non-existent name like Dweebie or Doofus, so it had "no potential of deeply hurting the psyche of any Canadian"
In her hit Broadway solo show, Bridge & Tunnel, a fresh look into the American melting pot, the brilliant performer and writer Sarah Jones becomes an anxious Pakistani accountant, a Mexican construction worker, and a sweet doofus of a New York DJ.
When I met movie director Billy Friedkin so he could determine whether I could play a genial doofus priest in his film The Exorcist, we chatted for a bit before he finally broached his central question: "Why are you celibate?
I can--and will--harass all kindsa hunters an' shooters, 'cause they can hardly make doofus mistakes I haven't already screwed the pooch on myself.
And even Editor & Publisher, though more industry journal than review, is getting thinner than that Subway doofus Jared.
While the other states nestle closely together in relative harmony, Florida sticks its neck out, looking like a complete doofus trying to touch the equator.
He initially looks a bit of a doofus, the quintessential good guy compared to Juliet's posse of leather-clad, shaven-headed punks.
Stewart is at the opposite end of the social spectrum--a gawky, sweet-faced doofus who avidly recounts his recent attempts at finding work.
The choice was agonizingly clear: Doofus or Doofus Emeritus.
After a brief intro races through the nuptials for vampire Mavis (Selena Gomez) and human doofus Johnny (Andy Samberg), as well as the infancy of their baby boy Dennis (Asher Blinkoff), returning director Genndy Tartakovsky's follow-up grounds itself in the weeks preceding the kid's fifth birthday, which serves as the de facto cut-off point for bloodsuckers to sprout their chompers.
I wonder when - if ever - you actually feel like a competent adult instead of a bamboozled doofus desperately winging it?
To help make it a success, you can talk it up at your gun club, gun shop, to your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers--talk 'en into signing up and attending (great opportunity for you to come, with them, and show you are indeed different from the average Doofus americanus).
In a new promotion for the coming season of "The Simpsons," America's favorite doofus votes for Republican Mitt Romney.
Only then will you discover if you really are a doofus or a genius.
In 2005, high school student Morton Schmidt (Jonah Hill) clashes in the hallway with sniggering doofus Greg Jenko (Channing Tatum).