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the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress

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Segun Chapelot, se advierten hasta cuatro modificaciones sucesivas en las obras del donjon entre 1361 y 1380 (40).
Indeed, it was his anxiety to survey the scene while laying siege to the donjon at Challus-Chabrol that brought his premature death.
Through the centuries, the noblesse -- old, new and bogus -- tended to cling to the medieval symbols that set them apart as a class: 'a ch[hat{a}]teau, with a moat, towers and spires, and perhaps a donjon -- or the square, high-roofed pavilions which were the sixteenth century development on round medieval towers -- all adding up to a recognisable and valued silhouette with feudal resonances, even if without feudal details'.
1990), Histoire de I'Ecu Europeen du Moyen-Age a nos Jours et des Precedentes Unions Monetaires, Lagny sur Marne, Editions du Donjon.
Out of our own calamitous century, and indeed like a mirror lifted out of the Great War's rubble, Klauder's building reflects Coucy's in, among other things, the great rotunda inside the front entrance, whose vaulted ceiling ribs arc gracefully to converge on a central "eye," exactly as in the Chateau's donjon.
The three-turreted donjon is the oldest in the country.
12) Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la Maison de Brandenbourg (Berlin: Au Donjon du Chateau, 1751), p.
He suggests that the model for the northeast tower, with its three levels of large square rooms roofed by crossing vaults supported by a large central square pier, was probably the Donjon at Saone, built by French Crusaders and captured by Saladin twenty years prior to al-Adil's construction of the Damascus tower.
In the town of Chatellerault near Poitiers, Jean-Luc Vilmouth transformed the smokestacks of the former government weapons factory into lookout towers (Comme deux tours [Like two towers, 1994]), while in nearby Chauvigny, designer Sylvain Dubuisson created a state-of-the-art elevator for a medieval donjon that was converted into an eco-museum inaugurated in 1994.
From the station entrance, walk a block down Rue Jeanne d'Arc, cross the wide Boulevard de la Marne, and then duck down tiny Rue du Donjon for a quick look in the Tour du Donjon, a round stone tower that is the sole remnant of the 1204 Chateau de Rouen.
The unveiling will be performed by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire, David Kerfoot MBE DL, and Eric Donjon, Honorary Consul of France.
Janette Donjon has been appointed to the newly-created role within the commercial development team in order to increase the college's international student body as well as to cultivate provision overseas.
Crebillon pouvait bien se reclamer a la fois du salon et de la controverse: cet ancien eleve des Jesuites, membre de plusieurs societes satiriques (51), sejourna au donjon de Vincennes (ou sera emprisonne Diderot) en 1734, a la suite de la publication de L'Ecumoire ou Tanzai et Neadarne, dans laquelle on avait cru voir, sous le voile d'une allegorie licencieuse, des allusions moqueuses a la bulle Unigenitus (52).