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Synonyms for donate

Synonyms for donate

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give in common with others

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give to a charity or good cause

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He said we appreciate the people who donate blood voluntarily two to three times in a year for sake of humanity.
Relative to the importance of using identity theory to predict organ donor behavior and intentions to donate, this theory states that being strongly committed to a role reinforces identity with the role, which tends to reinforce behaviors associated with the role.
B purchases a new copier and donates the old one to a local charity.
Since most people donate their cars for charitable purposes, such a measure would not likely have a chilling effect on the level of donation.
If they sell their 1,000 shares of stock and donate the proceeds, they would have to first pay tax on the $8,000 profit.
RODDY SCHEER is E's webmaster and a big believer in clicking to donate.
Joan Cutler tries to donate to organizations that focus on people's most basic needs, "the ones that provide food, clothing, and shelter.
If everything checks out, you're ready to donate (see photo, above).
One way to avoid most of these obstacles is to donate inventory to a not-for-profit organization that acts like a "charity middleman.
Bird, who established England's only tissue bank at Cambridge, believes that Americans are more loath than Europeans to donate brain tissue.
Students could volunteer to help someone in need, make a poster to celebrate an important organization in the community or donate toys or clothing to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
A landowner can donate or sell easements to land trusts, which are administered by private agencies and cover only certain areas of the U.
GWC could donate the burdensome widgets through a nonprofit broker organization; an environmental group could benefit from its sale on the open market, and GWC would get a tax write-off.
Kuritsky of the Food and Drug Administration, concluded that intravenous drug users in particular are a high-risk group that continues to donate blood.