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According to a report in New Scientist, the research, by researchers from the University of South Carolina, suggests that far from degrading soon after the bloom, the neurotoxin that causes shellfish poisoning, domoic acid, sinks to the ocean floor and could poison marine mammals, birds and humans.
RESULTS: Embryonic exposure to DDTs enhanced PTZ seizures and caused distinct and increased seizure behaviros to domoic acid, most notably a type of head-shaking behavior.
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I went out to the Malibu Lagoon and confirmed there were 15 out of a group of 70 pelicans suffering from domoic acid poisoning," said Dmytryk, who has been checking the lagoon twice a day and taking sick birds to the International Bird Rescue Research Center in San Pedro.
Domoic acid analogues were isolated, characterized and used for neurotoxicological structure/binding studies in brain tissue.
The final link, Scholin says, was his team's documentation of the silicon-based skeletons of Pseudo-nitzschia in feces of affected sea lions and domoic acid in the animals' urine, feces, and serum.
Recent test results indicate that levels of domoic acid have reached record high levels (more than 2.
KEY WORDS: amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP), domoic acid, Pecten maximus, scallop
On June 24, the California Department of Health Services issued a special warning for Ventura County, saying high concentrations of domoic acid were detected in sardines and anchovies off the coast.
Some of these CRMs are pure substances that can serve directly as standards or as staring materials for the preparation of standards; examples include solutions of PCBs (CLB-1 and CLB-2) and of domoic acid (DACS-1B) for instrument calibration.
Samples indicate levels of domoic acid have dropped.
Now a recent study reveals that exposure to even tiny amounts of domoic acid in utero may produce subtle, long-term cognitive impairment in rats.
Domoic acid, produced by blooming sea algae, is partly responsible for more than 100 sick sea mammals, mostly from Ventura, that have filled rehabilitation centers in Santa Barbara and San Pedro.
Amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP) is a more recently discovered syndrome caused by one toxin, domoic acid (DA).
Introduced by Elizabeth McDonald, MCIC, President of the Section, Wright's topic was "Marine Poisons - Dangers of the Deep" and dealt with his work and that of others on the discovery and identification of the new neurotoxin domoic acid, responsible for the poisoning of shellfish off the coast of Prince Edward Island in 1987.