domino theory

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the political theory that if one nation comes under communist control then neighboring nations will also come under communist control

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The Domino theory best explain the transfer of spring from one country to another.
The diagram revises the why-why analysis based on Heinrich's "Domino theory" and provides two alternatives for the root causes of unsafe acts.
The domino theory and his Munich appeasement analogy failed to impress Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden.
The so-called domino theory has long been a justification for foreign intervention by the government of the United States (MacDonald, 1991, p.
These were the years of the American misadventure in Vietnam, spurred by a self-deluding domino theory; the '60s were marked by a disastrous loss of life and treasure (both American and Vietnamese), as emblematized by the 1968 Tet Offensive.
"We're going back to the Cold War and the domino theory," said Bradley Lui, an antitrust lawyer with Morrison & Foerster in Washington.
"Eisenhower on the Strategic Importance of Vietnam" Excerpt from a press conference in April 1954 in which President Eisenhower explains the "domino theory."
Lee Hodges, a young officer from hardscrabble Kentucky who hears ancestral voices as he fights not for the Domino Theory or Robert McNamara but "because we have always fought."
Kennedy too believed in the "domino theory" and was convinced the US must make a stand.
The US public had enough of both the meaningless domino theory and the seemingly useless deaths of 58,000 American servicemen.
Compare the flawed logic of the Iraq invasion and the Domino Theory of the Cold War to the IT bubble, the Y2K bug or the mortgage crisis.
Cuba watchers are pushing a new "domino Theory" lately.
Before the colonial period, Vietnamese heroes seem to have been exclusively those who resisted or even vanquished Chinese incursion (which makes you wonder where the domino theory which underpinned US involvement came from).
These factors could be a presidential neurosis, a need to demonstrate a particular characteristic such as being strong, or an acceptance of a particular theory such as the "domino theory" of communism as was cited by American political leaders to justify initiating a policy to send troops into combat.