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Synonyms for domineering

Synonyms for domineering

Antonyms for domineering

tending to domineer

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Myracle's portrayal of overbearing, domineering parents is right on point.
The trial had heard that Langmead, who had a long history of domineering behaviour towards his wife, had been unable to accept that she was starting divorce proceedings and had been issued with a warning by police for harassing her a week before killing both women.
He played Timothy Lumsden, a 40-something librarian who lived at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and henpecked father Sydney.
Other characters include the domineering doctor, the feeble aging maid, and the King's guards, all of which suffer from moral duality that makes them cheer for the king when his health improves and decry him upon his death.
Reiterating that Palestine is not a domestic issue, Mottaki said that when countries from other continents interfere in Palestine issue in line with their domineering objectives, the Qods and Palestine issues can no longer be regarded as a domestic and regional issue.
Born to an alcoholic mother and a domineering father, Stephanie Mortimer feels trapped.
Some domineering countries and their worthless followers want to get their own way with the Iranian nation, but the nation, the president and the government have stood up to them," he said.
Mr Cooke said Taylor could be domineering and oppressive and there was an occasion when he demonstrated police restraint techniques on his victim
Birkin was touted as an earthy and liberating force of feminism, yet she turns out to be no more than a classic simpering ingenue, in thrall to domineering men.
And there is always the possibility that someone acquiring central political authority in the United States will realize that the most desirable foreign policy for creating global comity and thus security for the nation is through a policy promoting international humaneness and generosity rather than ruthless domineering.
Scientific studies have shown that they are usually planned, often for months, and are carried out by persons with a domineering, controlling, personality.
Maggie Bright, with eight-year-old twins, is trapped in an abusive marriage to domineering Sam.
The dancer tells of a first marriage with a domineering mate, a turbulent affair with the young and hirsute Yul Brynner, and a blissfully happy second marriage to theatrical agent Cecil Tennent (actress Victoria Tennent is their oldest child), which ends in tragedy.
She's hired to assist the callow new editor, Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), who is installed by the publisher, his domineering father (Alan Dale), after what one breathless infotainment reporter calls ``the hot, hot death'' of the magazine's former editor.
Luther's ancient roommate, Chester X, also hopes to split town, and both urge Luther to escape too, to get away from the domineering and unloving Sarge.