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Synonyms for domineering

Synonyms for domineering

Antonyms for domineering

tending to domineer

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Long said: "From the start she was domineering and abusive to me but I didn't return that verbal abuse.
He said Taylor could be domineering and oppressive and that he had also caused the victim pain by gouging her with his fingers.
In this bittersweet and, at times, moving account of strained family ties, the chemistry between Beard and Broadbent's domineering father is electric.
The play tells the story of a repressive and domineering widow who forces her five unmarried daughters to remain in mourning for their father, sequestered with her on the family estate, for eight years.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also called for confidence-building by the next US administration, saying it should make up for the "domineering hegemony" of President George Bush and rebuild America's reputation in the eyes of the world.
Sharon hasn't just blown her job, she's lost the fans who adored her feistiness and ability to deal with all that life's thrown at her - domineering dad, cancer, booze addiction, obesity, druggy kids and, of course, Ozzy.
Timothy, 41, a librarian, stayed at home with his domineering mum who wouldn't let him leave, although he desperately wanted to.
Estranged from his domineering father Arthur (Broadbent) and happily married to Kathy (McKee) with two children of his own, 40-year-old author Blake (Firth) continues to avoid healing the wounds of his past.
CRICKET: Sri Lanka were just six wickets away from victory in the Second Test after another domineering display with both bat and ball against Bangladesh.
Underneath that pretty face and wispy blonde locks lives a domineering woman who, like a spoilt kid, always get what she wants.
The studs in question are Ivan Carlisle, a closeted gay brainiac--who has just married his college sweetheart, Julie, in order to please his domineering, homophobic father--and Francisco Torres, a Cuban-born banker and recovering drug addict.
While her first two husbands are domineering, Janie's third husband is easy-going and reluctantly willing to accept Janie as an equal.
ESTRANGED from his domineering father, Arthur, (Jim Broadbent) and now happily married with a wife (Gina McKee) and two children of his own, author Blake (Colin Firth) continues to avoid healing the wounds of his past.
First, she has to break it to her domineering boss Jack, (Alec Baldwin, below) that his desire to sit in on the writers' brainstorming sessions has gone beyond a joke.
A report to members said: "This would result in a prominent and domineering development which would significantly increase the degree of enclosure at the rear.