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Such relationships also represent an important alternative to the dominative patterns of masculine socialization.
Anxiously proleptic, the last portion of this commentary belied a haunting line of thought--that the liaison might have existed--but it turned all too easily to what Jordan considered "more important:" a defensive recuperation of Jefferson's character that averted the logical consideration that, given slavery's function as a dominative and traumatic involuntary system of multiple violations, then, indeed, violence, dishonor, and force might have been possible constituents of the liaison.
Adorno sought to redeem the modern pathologies of positivism and dominative reason by turning toward art.
37) Descartes' dualistic concept of identity is pivotal to the dominative nature of the coloniser-colonised relationship, such as that at the heart of Arnoldian Celticism.
Ideology is a process in which dominative groups address dominated groups and individuals, at which expense they maintain privileges and control of resources, using a system of ideas that tries to justify the existing conditions and forestall change (for an overview, see Zizek 1994).
To recognize oneself as the hitherto passive object of this hostile "historical process" is the first step in what Raymond Williams called the "unlearning" of the "inherent dominative mode," the becoming the subject of one's own history (Williams 1993,336).
Thus, standardized instruments are welcomed in foster care research, but it should not become dominative method that overrides other collection methods.
Both involve violence to the imagination, and thus are relevant for our purposes here, as Kant's descriptions of the two categories illuminate the emergence of reason, through the sublime, as a reactionary violence, as a potentially instrumental and dominative force.
Pinnacle director, Jamie Campbell, said: "We required a first class design studio facility incorporated within a new HQ to maintain a dominative position in the automotive design and automotive sector.
The power of spiritual wisdom seems to be more influential and dominative than the capacity of knowledge through formal education and the wisdom based on it.
father has dominative power over his own son and family, although he
Compared with the experimental and simulated results, we can conclude that electric dipole coupling plays a dominative role in the determination of SRR resonance frequency when SRR excited purely by E field, which is similar to the conclusion point by Refs.
dominative paternalism, derogatory beliefs, heterosexual hostility) benevolent sexism hides behind positive attitudes toward women in traditional gender roles (i.