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Synonyms for dominated

controlled or ruled by superior authority or power

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harassed by persistent nagging


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That is, while he dominated my love and fancy, if I had been so fortunate as to have a simple concept of anything in life, I must have tried to give the expression of it some turn or tint that would remind the reader of books even before it reminded him of men.
Otherwise his plays are by no means great; they initiated the weak 'Sentimental Comedy,' which largely dominated the English stage for the rest of the century.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has revealed that Apple's iPhone models have dominated UAE smartphones sales, with the iPhone 6 being the most popular.
Subsequently, recent tide dominated systems are transgressive.
Employees in Bahrain sometimes feel they are being dominated and controlled negatively by other people in the workplace.
Employees sometimes are in a position where they feel they are being dominated and controlled negatively by another person in a workplace.
Mothers were 52 percent more likely than other women to leave their jobs if they were working a 50-hour week or more, but only in occupations dominated by men," said Youngjoo Cha, assistant professor in the Department of Sociology at IU Bloomington.
Contract notice: Mission prime contractor without competition on an operation residentialisation the island "italy - kellermann - dominated" which includes 7 sets of estate paris habitat-oph 481 units comprising a total of 3f and a building with 63 housing, located 188-194 avenue italy / 2-4 rue du colonel dominated, 4 boulevard kellermann, 6 boulevard kellermann, 6a-12 boulevard kellermann / 9 rue du colonel dominated, 14-16 boulevard kellermann, 28 rue du colonel dominated , 180-188 avenue d~italie, 20 rue du colonel dominated france paris 13eme.
4]'s have at least one vertex dominated by other vertex of the cycle.
192) evaluated the incidence of illness, severity of illness, associations between water exposure and illness, and risk of illness attributable to limited contact on waters dominated by wastewater effluent and waters approved for general-use recreation such as swimming.
KUWAIT, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) is dominated this week with a state of anticipation as traders wait the release of listed companies' annual performance reports, two Kuwaiti economists agreed.
I think it's going to be harder to dominate, like we used to see, like Tiger has dominated.
The literature shows that when one nation (for example England) has dominated the other (for example Wales, Ireland and all its erstwhile colonies), certain predictable consequences follow for both dominator and dominated.
MY WEEK Punting dominated by Morocchius twice; golf dominated by a chronic slice; Reading dominated Barnsley and scored three times On the mark Delegator did a remarkable impression of Mark Of Esteem at Goodwood yesterday and will be a tough nut to crack in the QEII Busy week ahead trawling through my favourite race, the Cambridgeshire, and the Cesarewitch as well.
Any graph [Gamma] is signed dominated if we assign f(v) = l for all v [member of] V.