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  • verb

Synonyms for dominate





tower above


Synonyms for dominate

to exercise authority or influence over

to command or issue commands in an arrogant manner

to occupy the preeminent position in

to rise above, especially so as to afford a view of

Synonyms for dominate

be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

be in control

have dominance or the power to defeat over

be greater in significance than

look down on

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They were dominating tennis as youngsters and now older players dominate, not the younger ones," Nadal's former coach added.
Each of [v.sub.i + 7] or [v.sub.i-1] dominates at most three new vertices {[v.sub.i + 3], [v.sub.i + 8], [v.sub.i + 11]} or {[v.sub.i-5], [v.sub.i-2], [v.sub.i + 3]} respectively that have not been dominated by [v.sub.i], [v.sub.j].
Say that v dominates w, or equivalently that w is dominated by v, when N(w) [subset or equal to] N(v).
However, Dominate does look the stable number one, is the mount of Richard Hughes and is a confident selection to grab another win.
"We are facing one of the best back lines in world rugby and we need dominate their backs.
I want to make sure I dominate more than I did last year and the year before and the year before that," said Hughes.
Islamist extremist groups with ties to Al Qaeda already dominate the Sunni insurgents, and division would only increase their hold over average Iraqis.
"They dominate almost all terrestrial (land-based) habitats."
Female hyenas dominate the species' rough-and-tumble social life and even grow penislike genitalia.
Furthermore, high school faculties are dominated by teachers of college prep courses who want their subjects to dominate the curriculum and command the lion's share of the school budget.
And Orozco doesn't believe that banks will come to dominate the remittance market any time soon, predicting instead that they will forge partnerships with money-transfer companies that already have a solid track record.
But Couple families in Oshawa, where General Motors and auto parts manufacturers dominate the employment scene, had the highest median total family income among all census metropolitan areas Statistics Canada reports.
The problem is not that one or the other driver does or does not dominate the planning at the company; rather, the problem is that the management of the company does not know whether one does or should dominate.
Many small companies participate in this market, but four major injection molders dominate. They are FisherPrice (part of Mattel), Mega Bloks, Little Tikes Co.
"The future for the Navy-Marine Corps team requires our naval forces to dominate the near land battlespace and provide access for our nation's joint warfighting team," said Chief of Naval Operations Adm.