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gene that produces the same phenotype in the organism whether or not its allele identical

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If a white feline has totally blue eyes, the underlying color is from a pointed cat such as the Siamese, the point-pattern just does not show because of the masking dominant gene.
Resistance to SMV strains that produce mosaic symptoms was shown to be conditioned by single dominant gene, whereas resistance to a severe isolate (necrotic symptoms) was shown to be conditioned by a single recessive gene (Lim, 1985).
In addition, since the magnitude of SCA variances was significantly high for plant height and seed cotton yield plant-1, pedigree breeding would be even more meaningful if dominant gene effects are further partitioned into dominance x dominance epistatic effects for these two characters to pin point the desired genotypes masking/epistating the effects of recessive alleles and expressing pronounced phenotypic attribute for that character.
RECESSIVE These genes are "weak" and are always dominated by strong, dominant genes unless two of them get together for a particular trait - they're donated by each parent.
The frequency of tongue rolling trait which is thought to be controlled by dominant gene varies among different populations.
Aphid resistance in the Ontario and Maine populations seems to be controlled by multiple genes, while resistance in the Michigan population is governed by one dominant gene.
Marais & Du Toit [10] reported that PI 294994 carries a dominant gene (Dn5) different from other known genes.
The autosomal dominant gene mutation responsible for HD was discovered in 1993, but there is still no cure, and no treatments are available to even slow its onset or progression.
As it is, if we take the ridgeback's ridge, and if we cross a pure line (homozygous) of ridged dogs--that is, one with both genes being dominant, and a pure line of dogs without ridges where both genes are recessive, all of the offspring will be ridgebacked because they will all have one dominant gene and one recessive.
Dominant gene disorders include Neurofibromatosis, Marfan syndrome, and PKD.
Sharing what he learns with his father, Bob, brings context to the important place dogs occupy in the Walsh family: the love of dogs is a family legacy, a dominant gene passed down through generations.
A dominant gene produces the homozygous phenotype in a heterozygote because half of the protein is enough to get the job done.
The facts: While it's possible to inherit obesity, it's not a dominant gene.
2 : being or produced by a form of a gene that prevents or hides the effect of another form <A dominant gene produces brown eye color.
The father of her litter has one dominant gene and one recessive gene for ear shape.