dominant allele

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an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different


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Dominant alleles at the B locus (B) correspond to black hair and skin color, and recessive alleles at the B.
A dominant allele was present in 16 of the carcinomas of the exocrine pancreas (Fig.
Here, letters represent the two possible alleles of a given trait, the capital letter for the dominant allele and the lowercase of the same letter for the recessive.
1) For each parent's genetic makeup, assign an uppercase letter for a dominant allele and a matching lowercase letter for a recessive allele (trait that's only expressed if an offspring has two copies of that gene).
Male fertility in this restorer system is restored only when a dominant allele is present on both B and C loci.
The dominant allele of a gene is symbolized by a capital letter, for example R, and the recessive by a lowercase letter--r.
However, there are a number of human diseases that are the result of a single dominant allele.
The lfo mutant produces organs of increased size and is a dominant allele.
These results indicate that the bluish and greenish shell color variant types are controlled by a recessive allele (b) and a dominant allele (G) at a single locus.
The difference in frequency between recessive and dominant alleles is shown at the bottom row as the frequency unevenness (FU), calculated as the ratio of the frequencies of the most recessive allele to the most dominant allele.
For primer P1, the allele G was the dominant allele and presented the highest allele frequencies between two chicken breeds.
The average fatty liver weight of combination genotypes containing one dominant allele was 688.
Peas with at least one dominant allele, I, are yellow at maturity, whereas peas with two recessive genes, ii, are green at maturity.
15 contained these dominant allele signals, which suggests that these signals represent a single, specific strain of this pathogen.