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temporary living quarters

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La position tarifaire concern[euro]u[c]e par le gel de la domiciliation bancaire porte sur les produits de la boulangerie, de la p[euro]uAotisserie ou de la biscuiterie, m[euro]uo"me additionn[euro]u[c]s de cacao, hosties, cachets vides des types utilis[euro]u[c]s pour m[euro]u[c]dicaments, pains [euro]u cacheter, p[euro]uAotes s[euro]u[c]ch[euro]u[c]es de farine, d'amidon ou de f[euro]u[c]cule en feuille et produits similaires, selon les d[euro]u[c]tails fournis par le minist[euro]uA re.
Many high net worth individuals and family firms in the region have used Jersey to establish an international holding structure, whilst the Islamic finance activity includes Islamic asset management and fund domiciliation, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) Sukuk structures and Islamic private wealth management.
Given the foreign domiciliation of some of the group's members, the court said that Norilsk was required to seek regulatory approval for any increase in the share of foreign ownership in the company.
According to the EU court, jurisdiction is vested in the courts of the member state where the consumer had his last known domicile in cases where the national court cannot determine the consumer's domicile on national territory or EU territory and has no firm evidence of domiciliation outside the EU.
To kick things off, Serene Shtayyeh, Partner at PwC Luxembourg and Head of the Middle East and Islamic Finance group at PwC Luxembourg, summarised the country's achievements including, "the domiciliation of over 40 Shari'ah-compliant funds, more than any other European country, and the listing of 16 Sukuk on the stock exchange, second in Europe only to the UK", said Shtayyeh.
Jersey Finance will concentrate on promoting Jersey's expanding range of Shariah-compliant financial products, including Islamic asset management and fund domiciliation, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), Sukuk structures and Islamic private wealth management.
rubida were found inside houses indicates a progressive domiciliation of this otherwise wild species, probably related to housing developments in triatomine habitats (39).
Already the Board and major operating companies are working towards full domiciliation of FPSOs.
La mesure mise en œuvre par la banque d'Algerie au mois d'octobre dernier concernant la domiciliation des operations d'importation des biens destines a la revente en l'etat a eu un effet positif et rapide sur le recul de la masse monetaire en circulation en dehors des circuits bancaires.
The public transport to be carried out in the framework of the lot n 1 are of regular nature and gather the rotations to ensure continuous following a circuit to realize in an area of 10 km starting from the address of domiciliation of the contracting authority.
En Tunisie, tous les produits soumis au regime de la liberte du commerce sont importes automatiquement et sans autorisation moyennant une domiciliation de l'importation aupres d'un intermediaire agree.
beaucoup moins que]Ce qui montre une domiciliation des activites de service et de commerce dans les constructions a usage d'habitation[beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute la meme source.
CSC also provides tax services and digital brand services, as well as corporate office, governance, and other domiciliation services for international special purpose vehicles and holding companies.
Subscribers to LF Funds benefit from a domiciliation in a highly regulated and transparent environment, weekly liquidity, access to global credit markets and opportunities which are otherwise inaccessible to individual investors.