domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Senator Murray also introduced the Lori Jackson Domestic Violence Survivor Protection Act, led by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), which would strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence by closing a loophole that currently allows abusers to purchases or possess firearms while under a temporary restraining order.
The report recommends a number of workplace protections, including acknowledging domestic violence as a work issue; employers implementing tailored domestic violence human resources policies that can be integrated with existing health and safety policies; and a national policy that entitles victims of domestic violence to up to 10 days special leave (non-accrued) for issues related to addressing and resolving domestic violence.
The study was based on incidents of domestic violence in 14 provinces.
The programme promotes a combined approach to tackling domestic violence.
Abusers and those in their households literally would be surrounded by people willing to make a small statement rejecting domestic violence.
The Valley Oasis Amigas formed in 1984 to raise money to support the shelter and its program and to educate the public about domestic violence.
We want to make sure that people have the opportunity to stop and think about domestic violence and highlight that as an issue in society, as well as in the military," said McGinn
The Winnipeg Children's Access Agency for a safe setting for children to visit a non-custodial parent in situations where there has been domestic violence.
Because there are few data to support the common belief that abuse during pregnancy increases the likelihood of complications, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas sought to examine the associations between domestic violence and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
There's no question that the cost of domestic violence is devastating to individuals and families.
These are some of the structures that New Destiny Housing Corporation, a nonprofit developer, has converted or built upon to create housing for domestic violence survivors and other low income New York City residents.
America's Domestic Violence Crisis is a 45 minute video that is instructive, informative, and thought-provoking as it introduces the viewer into what was once a suppressed, "socially impolite" subject, but has now come firmly to the forefront of public awareness as an endemic personal, familial, and social issue--domestic violence.
Ohio law clerK Jeff Lazarus was just trying to defend a client when he stumbled on a glaring loophole in Ohio's domestic violence laws--and provoked an attack on the state's new same-sex marriage ban.
If you think that the terrifying spectre of domestic violence could never affect you or those you love, think again.
Dade County Judge Bonnie Rippingille, of the 11th Judicial Circuit's Domestic Violence Division, presented "A Day in Domestic Violence Court" for girls in the Sisters of the Heart mentoring program.
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