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Numbering a little over one billion domestic sheep are also the most numerous species of sheep.
However, herds of free-ranging domestic goats were observed in the southern portion of SMP, approximately 60 km from the proposed bighorn sheep release site, and a mixed herd of penned goats and domestic sheep in the village of Antiguos Mineros del Norte situated <10km from the proposed release site.
Compensation for large carnivore depredation of domestic sheep 1994-2001.
Contact with domestic sheep is likely the cause of most of the long-term decline.
More important, domestic sheep often carry diseases, such as Pasteurella pneumonia, that spread easily and fatally to bighorns.
In the United States, the most prominent carrier is the domestic sheep.
There is also some indication that the administration's support of the domestic sheep industry was eroding in the aftermath of the tariff imposition.
Coyote predation on domestic sheep deterred with electronic dog-training collar.
Even deadlier than hungry miners were the domestic sheep that were brought to graze the high Sierra pastures--the "hooved locusts" against which Muir railed--and which passed on deadly respiratory bacteria to their country cousins.
These slightly built animals look like the domestic sheep of Stone-Age Britain and are the sort that were kept centuries ago before selective breeding led to the kinds of farm sheep we see today.
Their population had been knocked down to 250 in the late 1970s, largely because of diseases contracted from domestic sheep.
Disease spread from domestic sheep also is a chronic threat.
Recent troubles in the Welsh lamb industry have been due in part to unheeded warnings against relying long-term on selling to Spain, where the domestic sheep sector was said to be capable of fulfilling local demand and more.
While wild cattle and pigs were also domesticated elsewhere, all the domestic sheep and goats in the world today derive from wild ancestors in SW Asia.