domestic prelate

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(Roman Catholic Church) a priest who is an honorary member of the papal household

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He was made papal chamberlain with the title of monsignor in 1953 and a domestic prelate in 1959 and was a consultant at the Second Vatican Council.
The Pope has conferred the title and dignity of Domestic Prelate on two of the Birmingham Roman Catholic archdiocese's best known priests - Canon Bernard Manion of Dorridge, and the Rev John Power of Saltley.
134) Lest humanistically educated clerics offer its poor Latin style as an excuse for not reading the divine office, Leo X asked Zaccarla Ferreri (1479-1524), a noted poet, theologian, canonist, and one of his domestic prelates, to revise the breviary (so as to remove any false meters and barbaric Latinity) and to rewrite it in good classical fashion.
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