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a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship

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The IRS has not officially and publicly addressed how health plan benefits are taxed when provided to a domestic partner.
Two other leaders in the financial services area - Barclays and Credit Suisse - already offer tax reimbursement for domestic partners.
Often, employees who elect to provide insurance to their domestic partner do so for an opposite sex partner.
Ninety-one percent of Fortune 500 companies and many other private industry organizations offer domestic partner benefits to their LGBT employees (Human Rights Campaign, 2014), yet many public institutions remain averse to offering such benefits or unable to compete in offering them.
Just last fall their definition was if you've been in a relationship for more than a year, then opposite gender domestic partners are covered.
already offer benefits to domestic partners," said Bruce Elliott, compensation and benefits manager at the Society for Human Resource Management in Alexandria, Va.
According to the Minnesota Family Council (2005), homosexual domestic partner benefits requirements are nearly identical to the qualifications for traditional marriage.
Available as either a self-study or an instructor-led online mentor course, the ADPA program addresses issues that distinguish financial planning for domestic partners from planning for married spouses, covering such areas as wealth transfer, taxation, retirement planning and estate planning.
7) New York adopted a surrogate decision-maker statute that puts domestic partners on a par with spouses without tying that status to legally recognized marriages or civil unions.
Other states and employers provide survivor and health care benefits to domestic partners, including same-sex couples (see News/Publications at www.
Many corporations, noted Malheiro, "don't realize that adding domestic partner health care benefits for lesbian and gay employees engenders minimal costs, but has an enormously positive impact on their employees, as well as their ability to recruit new employees.
The employee's benefits also cannot be split between the employee and the domestic partner when a civil union is dissolved.
The University of Kentucky has also supported the idea of domestic partner benefits and expects to decide on a course of action early next year.
In the past four years, the number of perfect scores has grown tenfold as more companies enact anti-discrimination policies, provide same-sex domestic partner benefits and engage in philanthropic or marketing activities directed toward the the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.
A gender-neutral domestic partner benefit, available to gay and heterosexual couples alike, Brinkman avers, "would be fine.
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