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Confirmation of disease in contemporarily recovered dog carcasses is consistent with a pattern of transmission from reservoir domestic dogs to their wild relatives (as observed in the Bale Mountains [8]), with disastrous consequences for the small Delanta population, which harbored <20 wolves before the epizootic events.
In the Canidae family, it seems like a rule: it was described in all domestic dogs dissected by Moore (1930), Oliveira et al.
Due to the difficulty of distinguishing between domestic dogs and coyotes by tracks, we only used camera data in the analyses when the relationships for those species were examined.
Partner preferences and asymmetries in social play among domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris, littermates.
The three most important risk factors for canine and human heartworm infections in the US include: (1) the regional prevalence of active infections in domestic dogs, (2) the regional prevalence of active infections in feral dogs and coyotes, and (3) the regional abundance and length of breeding and blood-feeding seasons for the most efficient mosquito vectors for disease transmission.
The threat from domestic dogs exists in the form of competition for food resource, aggression and disease transmission (Rodden et al.
1994), in which 100% of the loci were polymorphic, because although the primers tested in the present study were polymorphic in the domestic dog (Canis familiaris), six were monomorphic in the analyzed animals.
It is a comprehensive guide to the origins of the domestic dog, general canine behavior, natural selection, evolution and human manipulation of these processes.
Unlike the domestic dog that breeds twice annually, the dingo breeds only once a year and howls rather than barks.
You can just ask your local animal control officer how many bites the domestic dog has laid on people.
2 : any of the group of mammals (as wolves, foxes, and jackals) to which the domestic dog belongs
This follows work by the university which found all animals infected with rabies there had a variant of the disease that originated from the domestic dog.
But fluffy or furless, jumbo or squat, all dogs belong to the same genus and species: Canis familiaris, or the domestic dog.
Think again as tomorrow week sees the battle for the title of 'Real McCoy - Fastest Domestic Dog in Britain' - when all manner of domestic pooches are expected to descend on Plough Lane.
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