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Apparently, it's half domestic cat, which begs the question: what does half a domestic cat look like?
Domestic cats carry seven different versions, or haplotypes, of this protein, called APOBEC3Z3.
Fatal and nonfatal cases of tularemia in domestic cats (Felis catus) have been reported, as has the transmission of this disease from cats to humans (5-7).
This year however, it's back in full swing with exhibits of over 40 cats from seven different breeds ranging from pure breeds such as Persian, Cornish Rex and Rag Dolls, to your good old domestic cat.
In which county have police called off a widespread search for a lion reportedly on the loose and suggested the animal was more likely a large domestic cat or wildcat?
An Essex Police spokesman said: "We believe what was seen on Sunday evening was either a large domestic cat or a wildcat.
The cover image of a tiger and a domestic cat should raise the question: Would you expect to find a "big cat" (wild cat) near a "kitty" (domestic cat)?
In August 2004, NHGRI the mouse as announced that it has added 18 new model organisms to its sequencing pipeline, including the orangutan, the African savannah elephant, the rabbit, and the domestic cat.
Revered and reviled, pampered and persecuted, the domestic cat (Felis catus) has stirred up passionate sentiment since it first came to five among human beings 4,000 years ago.
If someone has a domestic cat that they care for, feed, neuter and vaccinate and it gets attacked in their back garden by a wild cat that has feline AIDS, then it is going to get contract the disease.
At nearly 400 pages the book covers a wide range of topics, from the evolutionary history of the domestic cat to basic first-aid.
Coutts's most recent (and highest-profile) London exhibition was devoted to a single new work, Cult, 2002, in which she has wryly transfigured the domestic cat.
That's where the first-ever cloned domestic cat was born in December.
Commonly found cat tracks may be from a domestic cat or bobcat.
A domestic cat has given birth to a rare cousin, the African wildcat, in an unusual surrogate birth experiment.
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