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  • noun

Synonyms for dome

arched roof


Synonyms for dome

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for dome

a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward

informal terms for a human head

a stadium that has a roof

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Per Waring, the dome is actually well hidden among Mars' rocky surface but that it is obvious that the top of the dome stands out among its surroundings.
Together with the inner protective dome, the outer dome protects the reactor and prevents the release of radioactive materials into the environment in the event of a serious accident as well as from direct outside strike.
It was reminded that the first inner dome of the K-2 plant was placed in the beginning of last year and that of K-3 was placed on 29th September, 2018.
The single, most outstanding quality of Vital Dome is its black carbon heating panels which emit high density and uniform distribution of carbon in the panels, allowing for an even emission of temperature on its surface for maximum efficiency and comfort.
"It is our first dome tour," leader Jihyo said during the concert on Wednesday.
'As you are aware, The Dome has maintained its flagship position as the prime entertainment and leisure hub in Abuja.
Iside a dome houses at the Aso Farm Land resort in Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan.
These rocks exhumed in Cenozoic syn-orogenic domes, which provide an opportunity to look into the deeper crust of the Asian plate.
"The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has required use of truncated dome detectible warnings since 2001," explained David Boyne, sales manager at ADA Sign Depot, San Diego.
"Our majestic Spanish City Dome is iconic across the North East and beyond and I know how much it means to local people who have told us how they want to see the Dome returned to use once again.
Hence, the dome being a prominent visual element became evident in almost all the mosques.
The Dome Box will offer 360[degrees] viewing, along with a unique audio-visual experience.
Caption: Dome engineers illustrate a power and pumping back up equipment storage scheme for a power plant complying with revised Nuclear Regulatory Commission guidelines.
Summary: TDIC announces full installation of the dome at its flagship Louvre Abu Dhabi museum.