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  • noun

Synonyms for dome

arched roof


Synonyms for dome

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for dome

a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward

informal terms for a human head

a stadium that has a roof

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Elf has hoped there might be oil in the domal region of the North Field and adjacent areas to the south.
The development may have been as follows: stage 1: emergence of centralized allophones of vowels conditioned by following retroflex, domal or alveolar consonants; stage 2: loss of conditioning factors; stage 3: emergence of new centralized vowel phonemes resulting in phonemic contrast, cf.
Anyone who has ever felt the bone- and car-jarring thump of going over a poorly maintained manhole area or railroad crossing will be happy to hear that Domal Envirotech has done something about it.
The Gatuna is typically found as deposits in sinks or as resistant domal karst features (Gard, 1968).
Hydrothermal alteration is restricted to the domal structure and controlled primarily by fracture and vein systems.
The parties to the Agreement plan to drill both giant domal seismically defined targets this spring and summer, provided that all necessary permits can be obtained from local Tasmanian authorities as requested.
The resulting reliefs contain domal formations and give rise to large walls of varying dip (Centeno and Garcia-Rodriguez, 2005).
This can also suggests the formation of domal (type-1 of Ramsay and Huber fold interference classification, 1987) structures, may be responsible for the trap of hydrocarbons.
Neotectonics of the Outer Western Carpathians (OWC) used to be studied extensively, with particular attention focused on the effects of large-scale domal uplifts and open folding above marginal zones of thrusts and imbricated map-scale folds, and rarely to the characteristics of young faulting.