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Synonyms for doltish

Synonyms for doltish

heavy and dull and stupid


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True, there's still condescension toward some of its targets -- one hopes Groff's blatant hypocrisy will yield something more interesting -- and the show still seems incapable of separating its inspired ideas from its chaff (it jettisoned Zooey Deschanel's on-the-lam loon too readily, while Kevin Nealon's drearily doltish Doug is clearly in it for the long haul).
The problem is that doltish theologians like Aquinas and Francis de Sales deemed "others" as humans only.
1) Today we bemoan the truth that tourism has become mass tourism with a capital M and a capital T and that packaged tours to the Costa Brava, or weekend party ships to the Bahamas or Ensenada, all signify an approaching apocalypse: the destruction of environments and cultures, a pandering to escapist fantasies of the doltish and the out-of-shape.
You have to have the fervent passion of Keegan without the ridiculous tactical naivety and doltish backroom staff.
Sir Thomas gives his daughter the chance to avoid marrying the doltish Rushworth.
Although Voltaire had never thought much of the doltish young king, he would have pitied his present condition.
Ayrton's dogmatic personality would seem to be borne out by his role as the doltish foil to Lamb's wit in Hazlitt's essay, "Of Persons One Would Wish to Have Seen," Complete Works, ed.
American tenor Richard Troxell makes a handsome and appropriately doltish Christian.
Even the Daily Post's venerable columnist Jenni Murray recently subscribed to this guff in her BBC Radio Woman's Hour show, crowing about how the lasses are far more intelligent than us doltish chaps.
55am CHAOTIC comedy in which Laurel and Hardy are left to look after their mischievous offspring - but it's not long before the youngsters are running rings around their doltish dads.
It is plain to anyone that John Ashcroft is too doltish to hold the office of attorney general in war or peace, is illiterate as regards the Constitution, and despises the idea of church-state separation for which, in part, we are supposed to be fighting.
While men gab more, women certainly aren't doltish when it comes to wireless.
In his diabolical correspondence Screwtape seeks to instruct the doltish Worm wood in the craft of temptation, allowing Lewis to take a scathing poke at the petty appetites that lead us into sin and to offer a darkly comic vision of the real face of evil--a face marred by cruelty, stupidity, and blind self-absorption.
Hopefully their efforts have done more than just embarrass the doltish republican movement that doesn't know its day is over.