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pdf) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains that some dolphin species, as well as whales and porpoises, have displayed albinism and can produce offspring that are white instead of colored.
The dolphin died on Tuesday after it got caught in a fisherman's net in the Lingayen Gulf.
Fiona and Anthony Collins, Steve Bavington, Alex Elphinson; Roger Sedgwick, Brewin Dolphin
While there has been significant progress in reducing the number of dolphins being killed in Taiji, Japan for meat--thanks to dogged vigilance by Earth Island's International Marine Mammal Project's Save Japan Dolphins Campaign--fishermen in the coastal town continue to capture and export dolphins to other countries to be used for entertainment.
The people of the area spotted the dolphin and informed the wildlife officials who rushed the spot and rescued the dolphin.
Managing Dolphin Canada will be Philippe Andre, who joins Dolphin as Executive Director.
Dolphin Maximum Maximum Length Weight Orca 32 feet 22,000 pounds Bottlenose dolphin 12 feet 1,400 pounds Amazon River dolphin 10 feet 410 pounds Atlantic spotted dolphin 7.
The nonprofit International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which maintains a worldwide "Red List" of at-risk wildlife species, considers 36 of the world's 40 different dolphin species to be in trouble.
A mother dolphin remains with her calf for two to three years.
I would recommend "Turtle Dolphin Dreams" to children of all ages and adults as well.
McKenzie is a dolphin trainer at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.
Among my fellow passengers, the young children appear to have gotten the biggest charge out of the journey, particularly the dolphin sighting.
Orca-whale and dolphin mothers and their newborns appear not to sleep for a month after the pups' birth, researchers report.
95) finds a dolphin who has been rescued from being stranded on a beach experiencing an intense epiphany and vowing to remedy ills affecting dolphins.
And late last year, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) announced that tuna caught when dolphins are chased down can be labeled "dolphin-safe" as long as no dolphins are injured--even though the agency found in an earlier report that this method indirectly kills dolphins through stress.