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a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate

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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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The chemical as well as petrographic study shows dolomitic limestone metamorphosed as marble which constitute the mineral composition as calcite 60%, dolomite 30%, Feldspar 8% and quartz 2%.
It was further classified as dolomitic marble Table-1.
On day 379 from the first application, the plants sprayed with potassium phosphite and treated with soil-applied gypsum (T5) had a mean tree health score 24% lower than those of plants treated with soil gypsum (T2) and dolomitic lime (T3) applications, confirming a better effect of T5 treatment on mitigating root rot symptoms.
The Jutana Formation is composed of thick bedded to massive sandy dolomite and dolomitic sandstone with interbedded shales and sandstone.
Specialising in supplying dolomitic lime and dead-burnt dolomite products for the steel industry, the firm is investing PS1.
The 750-tonne and 110-metre long TBM, with its trailing backup equipment, is used to drill through mixed ground conditions of dolomitic siltstone, claystone, mudstone and gypsum without incident.
a) Firstly, preliminary analysis of the wireline logs has greatly increased the knowledge of the extent of the dolomitic reservoir interval (intra Yellow Drum reservoir) first encountered at Backreef-1.
The taste of San Pellegrino is acquired during 30 years of natural filtering through Dolomitic rocks, which gives it a richness and balance of mineral salts.
In preparation for the relight Lafarge supplied by rail initial orders of 15,000 tonnes of both carboniferous limestone from Dowlow and dolomitic limestone - useful for absorbing silica in the iron ore - from Thrislington.
These mixes are composed of 65 to 75 percent by volume of Canadian sphagnum peat moss for water retention, 35 to 25 percent of sterile perlite or vermiculite for aeration and drainage, macro- and micronutrients to support early seedling growth, dolomitic and calcitic limestone as pH adjusters to counteract the acidity of the peat moss, and a wetting agent that assists the peat moss to absorb water.
Dolomitic limestone runoff from Dolctio Quarry was predicted to have negative impacts on Five Mile Creek.
Geometrically, this Cambrian occurs over a detrital and dolomitic sequence, the Gamuza Series, which is the cover of a Precambrian Socle, the Bamori Socle.
The testing of the dolomitic Zebbag formation from 1,150 meters to 1,163 meters and the Orbata dolomitic formation from 1,357 meters to 1,380 meters proved formation water similar to the adjacent Ezzouia field with oil shows but did not result in a flow of commercial mobile oil.
In areas where the soil is low in magnesium, dolomitic limestone should be used.
The chemical composition of 15 samples from the Narva region and 69 samples of dolostones and dolomitic marlstones from South Estonian boreholes was measured by X-ray-fluorescence analysis in the All-Russian Geological Institute, St.