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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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The idea was to give prospective Dolmen poets a sympathetic hearing that would lead to editorial advice coming from four perspectives: the poet's or Kinsella's, the publisher's or Miller's, the editor's or White's, and the critic's or Davie's.
In Hibernia in 1959, Jordan had paid tribute to the Dolmen Press, writing that 'the Dolmen experience [was] one of the few important events in the history of Irish publishing since the inauguration of the Free State'.
Burial 1 was a cairn circle type; burial 2 a sarcophagus; burial 3 a cist within a stone circle (Figure 3); burial 4 a dolmen without a circle (Figure 4); burial 5 a dolmen within a circle, with pottery sarcophagi (Figure 5); burial 6 a dolmen without a circle; and burials 7 and 8 (Figure 6) were urn burials.
Ahmad unveiled his company's first location at Dolmen Mall today.
Nevertheless, at this point in time, we can assume that the numerous urn, dolmen and urn dolmen burial sites, often furnished with huge megaliths, in the upper Sungai Bahau, the Kerayan and Apo Kayan areas are the result of early metal-processing operations.
Nov 10 - New Park, KILKENNY; Nov 11 - Stillorgan Park Hotel, DUBLIN; Nov 12 Keadeen Hotel, NEWBRIDGE; Nov 13 - Dolmen Hotel, CARLOW; Nov 14 - Radisson SAS Hotel, GALWAY; Nov 18 - South Court Hotel, LIMERICK; Nov 19 - Brandon Hotel, TRALEE; Nov 20 - Morans Silversprings Hotel, CORK; Nov 21 - Woodlands Hotel, WATERFORD; Nov 25 - TF Royal Hotel, CASTLEBAR; Nov 26 - Holiday Inn, LETTERKENNY; Nov 27 - Sligo Park Hotel, SLIGO.
I taught Dolmen Music to six singers at Houston Grand Opera, and they said, `You want to hear all the places that we've been taught to cover up.
Stockbroker Dennis McGuinness, of Dolmen Butler Briscoe in Glasgow, said: "The shares have fallen 30pence over the last 10 days or so.
DUBLIN-BASED financial services firm Dolmen Butler Briscoe is setting up its first overseas office in Glasgow.
KARACHI -- British High Commissioner, Philip Barton, has inaugurated the GREAT Festival in Karachi, which will run up to October 11 at Dolmen Mall, Clifton and Avari Towers.
A statement said that Arif Habib Dolmen REIT Management Limited, a
This Cork University Press edition has been substantially revised since the first edition published by Dolmen Press in 1984.
In the south of France, black pigments were found on the orthostats of the Courion dolmen (Gutherz et al.
The results reflect the first full financial year of ownership since Cantor Fitzgerald acquired Dolmen Stockbrokers on 30 November 2012.
Dr Nash said: "These discoveries clearly show this monument to be a portal dolmen, one of the earliest Neolithic monument types in Wales.