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a prehistoric megalithic tomb typically having two large upright stones and a capstone

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A pioneer of the mall industry in Pakistan, Dolmen Group is known for making its mark when it comes to changing the real estate landscape of the country.
Guests and onlookers shared their appreciation while the management of Dolmen Mall engaged with the children distributing goodies, taking pictures and sharing words of encouragement prior to their upcoming Special Olympics Marathon.
En el sector geografico en el que se ubica el dolmen se documenta una intensa ocupacion humana desde el Neolitico Antiguo a epoca romana.
Driving further west we come to The Dolmen Chapel of Sao Brissos.
Dolmen has a team of 90 professionals and serves its customers via offices in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.
The dolmen means "stone table" or the "holy cemeteries".
The 2010 list includes seven Middle Eastern sites: in Bahrain: Suq Al Qaysariya Muharraq; in Iraq: Al Hadba Minaret, Mosul; in Egypt: New Gourna village Luxor, West Bank and the Old Mosque of Shall Fortress, Siwa Oasis; in Israel: Old City of Lod and in the Old City Of Jerusalem, the Cathedral of St James; in Jordan: Damiya Dolmen Field, Jordan Valley.
Built on a small platform with tank-like tracks, the Tactical Response Armored Car, or TRAC, is a mini armored assault vehicle designed to get police closer to the action, says its manufacturer, Dolmen Corp.
The orientation of a dolmen is of course only one of its innumerable features that are worthy of investigation, but it is a feature that archaeologists often neglect and, as we shall see, the study of orientations can shed important light on the purpose of the monuments.
Mohamad Ayash, CEO of Dolmen, which has a regional sales office in Doha, described the Lebanese property market as a win-win option for Gulf investors, especially Qataris.
The tracks are Raghupati Raghava (7:06), The Girl With The Stolen Smile--Nanjing, 1937 (5:42), Cliodhna (4:15), Everyday Heroes (5:02), El Jardin De Marta (3:33), Evoking Something Near (3:28), Tears At Bedtime (5:05), Dolmen Ridge (5:35), Gurudeva Hamara (4:58), Memory Holes (6:26), Forgotten Moss (3:07), and Ballerina (4:09).
The children ranged from 18 months to four years old and Debbie Dolmen, deputy manager for the nursery, said: "It was an excellent event and the toddlers were out there most of the day.
Menhirs, dolmen, and circles of stone; the folklore and magic of sacred stone.
This is the Henblas Dolmen,a grouping of three colossal boulders which once sheltered a prehistoric burial.
The points of the dolmen uprights are often sharp, yet there are no marks on the underside of the capstone, which means that it couldn't have been dragged into position up a ramp', he explains.