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well-seasoned rice (with nuts or currants or minced lamb) simmered or braised in stock

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We hope that these participants may have a bright future and that they get chance to participate in national and international level," Dolma said.
When Dolma was nine, the family moved to Kathmandu to treat her scoliosis; in that city, they were very poor, and had to beg for money.
To allow Dolma Fund Management to hire an international consultant to guide them with Environmental & Social risk management policies.
During a visit to her homeland, Nepal, as an ethnographic research assistant, Tsechu Dolma learned that the villagers of Geling, in the Upper Mustang region, were worried about how erratic weather patterns brought on by climate change were impacting their food and water security.
The mission was represented by Team Leader and Regional ICT Coordinator Tenzin Dolma Norbhu, who met with the minister at the Ministry of IT to discuss possible collaborations on ICT projects.
Islamabad -- Team leader and Regional ICT coordina tor World Bank Tenzin Dolma Norbhu and State minister for IT Anusha Rehman have discussed fu ture developments in the In formation and communication policies.
ISLAMABAD -- Team leader and Regional ICT coordinator World Bank Tenzin Dolma Norbhu and State minister for IT Anusha Rehman have discussed future developments in the Information and communication policies.
More than often of times, they serve biryani, dolma, brown rice, chicken, and bean soup which always manages to taste delicious and mouth watering despite the numerous of time's it's been consumed by not just me but many.
based Radio Free Asia reported that police took her body away for cremation and handed over the remains to the family, while asking her husband Dolma Kyab to declare that she burned herself as a result of a family conflict.
vvWeekend wonders THE Roger Charlton-trained Thistle Bird has a strong chance of providing her dam, Dolma, with a first Group winner in today's Betfair Celebration Mile at Goodwood (3.
Two popular Iraqi dishes Hiba's mother would prepare are dolma (rice and meat stuffed in vine leaves or onion) and kobat hamoth (meatballs in a tomato-based sauce).
Addressing the conference titled 'Tibet and Himalayan Environment & Ecology' and organized by Core Group For Tibetan Cause, New Delhi at Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Guwahati, Ms Dolma appealed to the people of North-East for help and cooperation in their movement arguing that 'Tibet is more closer to North-East India than China'.
The two remaining nuns, Tenzin Dolma and Bogti (Tenzin Choeden's village name), told me the story of the unusual events at the death of Negi Lama in interviews recorded in 1995 and 1996.
Wrapped in a maroon robe, her head shaven, Ani Choying Dolma treads gingerly into a Kathmandu hotel, exuding the composure and serenity one might expect from a Buddhist nun.
Clara Shinobu Iura, Santo Daime (Brazil), Maria Alice Compos Freire, Santo Daime (Brazil), Margaret Behan, Arapaho/Cheyenne (Montana), Rita Pitka Blumenstein, Yupik (Alaska), Beatrice Long Visitor Holy Dance, Oglala Lakota (South Dakota), Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance, Oglala Lakota (South Dakota), Bernadette Rebienot, Omyene (Gabon, Africa), Mona Polacca, Hopi/Havasupai/Tewa (Arizona), Julieta Casimiro, Mazatec (Mexico), Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Takelma Siletz (Oregon), Floredmayo, Mayan (Central America; New Mexico), Aama Bombo, Tamang (Nepal), Tsering Dolma Gyaltong, Tibetan Buddhist (Tibet)