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a symbol of commercialism or greed

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a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars


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When you use the first two methods, Excel automatically creates absolute cell references--as shown by the dollar signs in the linked cell notation ($D$9).
Reality is that many PMs see dollar signs instead of the benefits of supportability, and when a program is in trouble, the easiest fix seems to be cutting logistics products, which in turn will reduce (if not eliminate) supportability.
No dollar signs were affixed to the deal, but that should change soon.
School board president Tom Wolfe boiled down the issue to its essence: "I see it [the statistics on home-schooling] in dollar signs.
I've operated and sold more than 15 successful businesses, and the one thing I've realized is that you can't have dollar signs as your priority.
She said the clubs know many women are out of work and are flashing dollar signs in hopes that women will seek what economic relief exotic dancing offers.
Consumers appear to be seeing dollar signs when it comes to choosing where to buy certain items, especially in the health and beauty (HBC) category.
The announcement sparked dollar signs in the eyes of several U.
Now it's been sold out to the masses by greedy men with dollar signs in their eyes.
The dot-com bubble was in large part due to a bunch of callow young men with dollar signs for eyeballs, whose greed and naivete effectively created and destroyed an entire industry in the span of less than five years.
It may mean the end of invisibility as we knew it; with the latest market research estimating buying power among gay and lesbian consumers in the $350 billion-$450 billion range, corporate executives are seeing dollar signs where they once saw controversy and chaos.
Officials get dollar signs in their eyes, down to the penny, when they look to Fort Trumbull.
With all the talk at the meeting of the importance of healing and reconciliation, "that has dollar signs all around it," he said.
When sales-people see two women together, dollar signs appear in their eyes.
Don't assume that eyeballs and dollar signs are the only things worth measuring.