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a symbol of commercialism or greed

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a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars


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Like Warhol's 1981 Dollar Sign, it is a piece that embodies its own status as both a work of art and an object of value and desire.
When you use dollar signs, your food looks more expensive.
Setting up those 12 VLOOKUPs can be tedious; even with successful use of dollar signs in =VLOOKUP($A5,$AA$2: $AM$35001,2,FALSE), you'll have to edit the formula in each column to change the third argument from 2 to 3 to 4 to 5, and so on.
She said the clubs know many women are out of work and are flashing dollar signs in hopes that women will seek what economic relief exotic dancing offers.
Money is always a concern, but assistant coaches can't go around with the dollar sign always shining in their eyes.
The point being that, if people have that kind of money to spend on jewelry, perhaps they also have the kind of money that would help to make Canada a fairer place through paying reasonable taxes and ensuring governments come to power that see people as more than a dollar sign - a cost, or a benefit.
The UK, however, will apparently use the 'shift + 4' command, which has always been the home of the dollar sign on a traditional keyboard.
He showed grit through the whole project even though he expressed some reluctance about submitting all that paperwork without a single dollar sign.
A dollar sign is used before the first number in a column, before a number which has a double underline and before the first number following a number which is doubly underlined.
The exhibition spans 30 years of Warhol's artwork and includes iconic pieces such as Marilyn, Dollar Sign, Liz, John Wayne and Mick Jagger.
Therefore, it is imperative that people who apply to care for them should be trustworthy and compassionate -- in other words, that they be human beings, and not see a dollar sign.
Album A$AP ROCKY Long Live A$AP DON'T be put off by the cheesy dollar sign, this man is class.
If you buy an item priced in dollars, often when you select that you are in the UK the price converter merely swaps the dollar sign to a pound sign while the amount stays the same.
Note that the first B is preceded by a dollar sign, so it is absolute, but the second B is not, so it is relative; thus, wherever YTD is used, it will refer to the range of columns from column B to the current column.
The contestant starts with $1,000 and doubles his or her money each time he or she uncovers a dollar sign.