dollar mark

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a symbol of commercialism or greed

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a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars


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But for motorists and hauliers, a sustained oil price around the 40 dollar mark would result in an increase in the price of fuel of about 5p a litre, to 87p.
65 US dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex) yesterday before settling around the 100 dollar mark.
In the economic meltdown, the black market exchange rate for the US dollar broke the one million Zimbabwe dollar mark for the first time in late October.
993 US dollars - a level not seen since September 8, 1992 - and could break the two dollar mark by the end of the week.
The Philippine peso breached the 54 to the dollar mark Wednesday due to banks covering short positions and continued corporate dollar demand, dealers said.
HOUSTON -- Safety Vision, a global provider of mobile video solutions, announced today that sales since its 1993 inception have topped the quarter-billion dollar mark.
Three pieces of a condominium project in downtown Little Rock all topped the half-million dollar mark.
Proving again to be one of the hottest penny stocks of 1998, BAT International saw its share price leap above the dollar mark for the first time ever Tuesday on news that it has signed a deal with a Czech engineering firm to co-develop electric and hybrid vehicles.
In addition to Shelby's Cobra and the CNN Hummer topping the million dollar mark, two 1954 Dodge Firearrow convertible 'Dream' cars hit $1,100,000 each," explained Steve Davis, President of the Barrett-Jackson Auction Company.
27 ( ANI ): The Indian rupee slumped past the 65 per dollar mark on Tuesday nearing its all-time low and paring its gains in the last two sessions, as concerns weighed heavily in the financial markets on the expected increase in government's subsidy burden following the passage of the food security bill.
Michael Valley, President, Estate Planning Professionals, said, "I would like to congratulate FTJ FundChoice, LLC for going over the one billion dollar mark.
The report said that Qwiki's acquisition, which is estimated to be worth 50 million dollars, would be similar to Yahoo's acquisition history of startups below 100 million dollar mark.
The reports, the most comprehensive available for the Manhattan market, also found that prices for Downtown apartments (south of 42nd Street) soared in the first quarter as average condominium prices hit the million dollar mark for the first time, rising 27% to $1,076,723.
With the price for a studio apartment in New York City breaking the million dollar mark, more people are looking to make sure that the home they are purchasing is pest free, and since many buildings are not, those buildings that are can command more money.
The median sales price for a prewar two-bedroom apartment reached the one million dollar mark for the first time since this report has been compiled, an increase of 20%.