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Synonyms for doll

doll yourself up


  • dress up
  • get ready
  • preen
  • primp
  • gussy up
  • tart yourself up
  • deck yourself out
  • prink
  • titivate yourself
  • trick yourself out
  • put on your best bib and tucker
  • put on your glad rags

Synonyms for doll

a person regarded as physically attractive

doll up: to dress in formal or special clothing

Synonyms for doll

informal terms for a (young) woman

References in classic literature ?
"I should think you 'd be ashamed to play with dolls, Polly.
I 'll show you how." And forgetting her hate and contempt for dolls, down sat Fanny, soon getting as much absorbed as either of the others.
"Do you make all the paper dolls?" inquired Dorothy.
"But how do the paper dolls happen to be alive?" asked Aunt Em.
"The first dolls I made were not alive," said Miss Cuttenclip.
"Of course I was delighted with this present," continued Miss Cuttenclip, "and at once set to work and made several paper dolls, which, as soon as they were cut out, began to walk around and talk to me.
"Glinda keeps all the rain storms away; so I never worry about my dolls getting wet.
In one place a large group of especially nice paper dolls assembled to greet their Queen, whom it was easy to see they loved early.
The paper dolls were mowed down by dozens, and flew and fluttered in wild confusion in every direction, tumbling this way and that and getting more or less wrinkled and bent.
"And I had no idea it took so little to upset these paper dolls."
Miss Cuttenclip herself led them to the door in the wall, and as they passed along the street the paper dolls peeped at them half fearfully from the doors and windows.
"The My Little BABY Born Walks doll includes baby babble sounds that are in no way meant to represent language or cause any offence to users."
David Turner, 72, admitted the offence and also told police he had sex with another silicon child doll found at his home.
To create their special One of a Kind doll, girls have all the available design options right at their fingertipsface molds, skin tones and freckles, eye and hair colors, hair textures, new cuts and stylesalong with special extras like earrings, hearing aids, glasses or sunglasses, and braces.
- Allow residents to engage with the doll on their own time instead of forcing it on them.