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In a statement on Wednesday, Senator Joseph Victor 'JV' Ejercito stressed that the government should invest on higher education rather than on dole outs for poor families.
Instead of the country ascending to economic stability, presidents, senators, congressmen, mayors with uninterrupted dole outs have been spoiling the people who have lost the power to sustain themselves.
Instead of food, the People's Party government decided on financial dole outs under Benazir Income Support Fund (BISP).
And so gracious of him to be regularly distributing dole outs and relief goods, laden with his name and campaign color, in almost all calamity-stricken areas.
Pinol said the billions of pesos in dole outs to farmers would be better spent on funding livelihood programmes and making agriculture more productive.
Some of these 'additional burden on budget' expenditures pertained to discretionary dole outs of the prime minister, his publicity, purchase of luxury vehicles for top functionaries, and refurbishment of accommodation facilities for judges and unexplained expenses of intelligence agencies paid out of regular expenditure.
The President said that asking the world for dole outs in the shape of aid was counterproductive in the long run and that was why the government has been urging the world community to help Pakistan with trade facilitation.
Second, would this encourage dependence in dole outs and worse indolence among the poor?
These are not dole outs but livelihood projects that will benefit everyone.)
Politics of dole outs dominate most parties, the genuine or 'Jiyala' culture has perished.
Alejano said Duterte seemed to view government posts as 'cheap dole outs to reward his followers.'
They are GoNegosyo adviser on agripreneurship Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar, a businesswoman, 'creativepreneur' and advocate who helps Filipinos in ARMM rebuild their lives through various livelihood programs; BPI Foundation executive director and vice president Maricris San Diego, who advocates sustainable CSR projects in lieu of traditional dole outs; and ABS-CBN broadcast journalist Zen Hernandez, who uses her voice to cover stories that are of importance to everyday Filipinos.
The President said that the government realized that aid alone would not go far in addressing the huge problem and added, We are asking the world community to help Pakistan with trade facilitation rather than with aid and dole outs. He said that the destruction of nearly one million houses in floods means that nearly six million people will be without shelter for quite some time.