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Synonyms for dole

Synonyms for dole

assistance, especially money, food, and other necessities, given to the needy or dispossessed

dole out: to give out in portions or shares

Synonyms for dole

a share of money or food or clothing that has been charitably given

money received from the state

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Rumors that the company's prepackaged salad was unsafe to eat gained enough traction that Dole released a statement about them.
Dole was wounded April 14, 1945, as he was trying to rescue an injured radioman.
Dole draws larger crowds than any of the other candidates, and she runs second only to George W.
Dole trailed Democrat William Roy during the 1974 senatorial campaign until Dole accused his opponent, a physician, of having performed abortions during his medical practice.
For Reed, 1996 is about trying to purge the ghost of 1988, the year in which Bob Dole ran as, well, Bob Dole, refusing to sign the ridiculous antitax pledge in New Hampshire or pander to the right.
Not often discussed has been the tepid support he has achieved among older Republicans, many of whom have evidenced worry that, as President, Dole would not support affordable health care for the elderly.
A Kansas banker by day, Owen was immensely valuable to Dole beyond politicking and fundraising.
Paradoxically, one revealing element is that clear patterns are difficult to discern from this record--indeed, on many issues Dole has gone to both extremes.
But what's even more surprising is seeing Dole turn down a dollar, since the guy snorts money like an anteater at a picnic.
Dole, a controlled performer and notorious perfectionist, loathed admitting defeat, friends said, but felt relieved that she was getting out.
As sumo wrestlers try to shove each other out of the ring, so Washington insiders Dole and Bill Clinton will bump and jostle for the presumed electoral center.
Continuing to follow that line of reasoning, Dole argued during the debate over sanctions that there was real "potential for improving our relationships" with the Iraqi dictator.
The Dole question is especially poignant because, in addition to the "age factor," the best-known feature of candidate Dole is that it's "his turn.
Carter noted: "Although there is no reliable scientific basis for alleged injuries from the agricultural field application of DBCP, Dole has continued to seek reasonable resolution of the pending claims.
Faced with an oversupply of bananas in Europe, Dole Food Company Inc.