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In his descriptions of places far and near, many outside of the average American's purview, ranging from a besieged city in Bosnia, to a hidden path in a Taiwanese park, to Tolstoy's country house in Russia, to a castle in Slovakia, to a blossoming dogwood at daybreak in Seattle, the reader's understanding of the world will flourish as well.
In travels across the globe, even to war zones where scenes of the depth of man's depravity were seared into his soul, Merrill also found the wonder of humanity's ability to love, to heal, and to connect; the dogwood serves both as a metaphor for this and, in its decline, as an "an augur of our fate" should we fail to honor these connections.
Dogwood gets its name from the place where many of us first came to know Paula--her kitchen studio in her home on Dogwood Avenue.
Dogwood trees frequently bloom at Eastertime, and the branches are sometimes used in flower arrangements.
Ft Theater Classroom Cedar 18' x 38' 684 80 36 Redbud 14' x 38' 532 65 24 Dogwood 18' x 19' 342 24 15 Magnolia 18' x 19' 342 24 15 Dogwood/Magnolia 18' x 38' 684 80 36 Redbud/Dogwood/Magnolia 32' x 38' 1,216 144 78 Redbud/Cedar 32' x 38' 1,216 144 78 Redbud/Dogwood/Cedar/Magnolia 50' x 38' 2,100 260 114 Oak 27.
Kim Andrew Stinde * Vice President of Sales * Dogwood Building Supply * Winston-Salem, N.
Ambassador John Roos commemorated an American gift of dogwood trees to the Japanese people, part of an initiative that will see 3,000 dogwood trees dispersed throughout Japan, including the region affected by last year's earthquake and tsunami disaster.
In April 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a gift of 3,000 flowering dogwood trees to Japan to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan's gift of cherry trees to the United States.
If left unpruned, then the dogwood would lose vigour and the stem colour would fade year after year.
Walkerton received the award in the rural project category in recognition of Dogwood Estates, a successful affordable housing redevelopment project.
The hybrid sibirica is possibly the best dogwood for red stems.
presentation to Japan this year of 3,000 dogwood trees ''as an enduring symbol of friendship.
Available trees include: balsam fir, beech, blackgum, Carolina silverbell, cherry (flowering only), Colorado spruce, crabapple, dawn redwood, dogwood (possibly), Fraser fir, fringetree, hawthorn, honeylocust, hop-hornbeam, hornbeam, Japanese stewartia, Japanese tree lilac, dogwood, larch, linden (all varieties), Norway spruce, pin oak, oak (red, white and swamp white), sweetgum, tulip tree, white fir, white pine, yellowwood, and zelkova.
I thought of Picasso, i van Gogh, and others in looking at these works, but the tip-off was most explicit in the paired paintings Still Life with Dogwood IV, 2010-11, and Still Life with Dogwood IV, 2011, both showing table-top arrangements of a vase with flowers, fruit, and small objects.