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a steady trot like that of a dog

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In the South, shuttered verandas, high ceilings, operable transoms, two-story porches and dogtrot houses with open breezeways down the center maximize both cross ventilation and shade to counter the humid heat.
In honor of Be Kind to Animals Week, bring your pooch and help support the Humane Society by joining in the fun at this annual dogtrot.
From her dogtrot cabin someone is playing a banjo and singing.
Some of the vices of the thesis-form remain, but mostly the book reads clearly in solid dogtrot English.
Demonstrations of masculine crafts such as woodworking or blacksmithing sometimes take place in the dogtrot between the pens or on the grass outside.
As tour buses glide past the historical markers -- his burial place, the replica dogtrot cabin with privy behind where he was born, the little schoolhouse he attended at age four and the big ranch house that sometimes served as the nation's White House -- and is still home to Lady Bird -- that familiar voice comes through concealed speakers: "There is no other place that can do for me what this land, and what this water, and what these people, and what these hills, and what these surroundings Call do.
The Ponderosa" is produced and distributed in North America by Associated Television International, and executive produced by Beth Sullivan, David McKenzie, Paul Carat and David Dogtrot.