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This report is, at last, a grown up response to the 'broken pavements, banal playgrounds, and dogshit' issues which the public continues to find so distressing about where they live.
SHAYLEE: Tastes like dogshit. Chipped beef on Tuesday, hoagies on Wednesday.
Walter Benjamin's `there is no document of culture that is not also a document of barbarism', Brecht's rather more direct `the house of culture is built on dogshit', or Adorno's emphasis upon knowing one's tradition in order to hate it properly, allow us to reflect on the conditions of possibility for noble culture or states of being--the often inhuman conditions of the societies which generated such cultural highpoints.
Bruno, who penned the cult novel "DogShit," is her mother's lover; Baldi, who's grown rich pirating writers' works, wants to meet Bruno, who would like to kill him.
As Chinua Achebe angrily suggested in a lecture on the relationship between art and society in the postcolonial world, the close connection between literature and politics in that world makes it clear that "art for art's sake is just another piece of deodorised dogshit."(12) Yet such criteria have frequently been applied to African literature.
But if one judges the film without the fashion, it is equally execrable, a disagreeable mess of dogshit and bedroom farce that a teenager would edit out of a home movie.
She's even agreed to let him add a porch for her (it's a design he'd like to try out, he says, just a prototype; of course it's free), agreed to let him clear the lot of car parts and dogshit and glass.
Amidst the unbelievable urban awfulness that the English excel at, a tangle of plastic signs and traffic cones, of trash and dogshit, vacant lots and kebab shops, an ugliness originating not from poverty, but from the slight edge of prosperity on poverty that makes discount furniture stores and Woolworths possible?
Now evaporating dew and sweet dogshit snap in the air like laundry and the green in everything is yellow.
(Purists should brace themselves for references to "poo poo," "dogshit" and worse.) As written, Celimene is a flirtatious tease in a society obsessed with currying court favor, but all Paige projects is the peculiar, even steely self-regard one recalls at least as far back as her West End "Anything Goes." The couplets come easily enough to Paige, what do not are period feel or wit.
I know two"--one a chemist's messenger and one who collects dogshit. "Neither of them is any loss," Svejk observes.
Grief has you by the hair with one And with the forceps of its other hand Uses your mouth to trowel the dogshit up; Watches you lift your arms to Heaven; and then Pounces and screws your nose into the filth.
Along the grey iced sidewalk revealed piles of dogshit, papers, bits of old clothing, are the human pledges, call them, "We are here and have been all the time."