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a stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions

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(2000) "The Skeptic and the Dogmatist," Nous 34(4): 517-49.
Me, being a dogmatist, asked my professor what the rules of the game were.
The dogmatist is the negative counterpart of the ideal epistemic and discursive agent described above.
A modernist dogmatist, Fried buttresses the intent of modernist art to reject all external references and becomes self-referential.
To understand Genius, one must understand the noumenal Universe within its very own solitary instant, while most people, merely existing in groups and in definite contingency of both stances of the "dogmatist" (of objective dogmatism) and the "relativist" (of subjective relativism), are still far away from such cognizance, not just in the phenomenal-progressive sense, but in the entire ontological-noumenal sense.
In the words of Rumi, "Preaching of ethics is only for prophets and vicegerents of God, others only talk out of their arrogance."2 The moral dogmatist's view require - for their own sanctification - a public display and recognition of moral courage.
But, it was not known hitherto that arrogance and dogmatist thinking has reached to such an extreme position, where they are not reluctant to use force to mute the independent voices, wherever they arise in the respected largest democracy.
In his use of the collective memories of Christianity, he is both a dogmatist and a mystic.
Johnson warns that vigilance is necessary if one is not to become deluded about the truth or lack thereof of one's convictions and the tendency to 'short-circuit reason.' Of special interest is the chapter that explains "How to Non-Dogmatically Challenge Dogmatic Thinking," with its suggestion that it is not "what" a dogmatist believes that is problematic; it is "how." According to Johnson, the "demanding, emotional quality that accompanies what a dogmatist says is rooted in his or her dysfunctional beliefs," and she traces the source of the problem to childhood when, though they lack the intellectual tools to evaluate a parent's beliefs and admonitions, children are forced to accept them for fear of causing displeasure.
In the process, he shows how Deleuze evades criticism of being a speculative dogmatist.
The smug sceptic is not really a sceptic at all, but rather a dogmatist in disguise who "knows" it is unnecessary or futile to search.
All these characteristics indicate a commitment to reasoning rather than Rationality, and David Zarefsky emerges not as any kind of dogmatist (Rationalist or otherwise) but as a reasonable person.
Is he a bigheaded, pig-headed dogmatist, or a visionary who just wants to get across views about which he feels passionately?