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Synonyms for dogmatical

characterized by assertion of unproved or unprovable principles


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I have not named Atheism, for as I doubt whether (e) there be any in the World that are perfectly dogmatical Atheists, so if they (f) are, the error is not so much in their will as it is in their understanding & Judgment: But he that either beleives or but (g) suspects there is a God, & wisheth there were none that he might not be within the reach of his power, but might offend with impunity is a hater of God; (12)
Dr Dumitru Staniloac, Teologia dogmatical ortodoxa, Vol.
In this way the commentator is much like the theologian who must penetrate to the essential truth of a religious dogma, all the while resisting the temptation to simply take the easy way out by merely restating the dogma as originally expressed or formulated, thus losing the dogmatical truth by suppressing it in its formulation.
He added that "Greeley will be just as abusive, dogmatical, as ever under his new nom de plume of the Tribune association.
Rationalistic (going by 'principles'), Intellectualistic, Idealistic, Optimistic, Religious, Free-willist, Monistic, Dogmatical, Empiricist (going by 'facts'), Sensationalistic, Materialistic, Pessimistic, Irreligious, Fatalistic, Pluralistic, Sceptical.
A commission had been appointed to make the necessary preparations for the dogmatical decision, and this commission had thought it expedient to request the scholarly Fr Carlo Passaglia, a professor of dogmatic theology, to produce for insertion into the Bull a document which would be (in Moran's words) 'an elaborate and as far as possible complete exposition of the doctrinal grounds on which the Catholic doctrine rested'--that is, a scholarly justification for the bull.
but a sincere regard for the Church of Christ, and an insuperable objection to every degree of dogmatical intolerance" Watson continues to argue that he would hold the New Testament in his hand and say to those who questioned his belief: "Here is the foundation of truth.
This Habit I believe has been of great Advantage to me when I have had occasion to inculcate my Opinions & persuade Men into Measures that I have been from time to time engag'd in promoting, And as the chief Ends of Conversation are to inform, or to be informed, to please or to persuade, I wish well meaning sensible Men would not lessen their Power of doing Good by a Positive assuming Manner that seldom fails to disgust, tends to create Opposition, and to defeat every one of those Purposes for which speech was given to us, to wit, giving or receiving Information, or Pleasure: For If you would inform, a positive dogmatical Manner in advancing your Sentiments, may provoke Contradiction & prevent a candid Attention.