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angle that resembles the hind leg of a dog

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a golf hole with a sharp angle in the fairway

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15th, 411 yards, par four: A left to right dogleg guarded by out of bounds on left, deep rough and bunkers to the right.
It too is a dogleg with the reverse-canted fairway, but in this case it is a mirror image of the fourth hole.
Hole 16 is a 475-yard sharp dogleg left which again, wind dependent, will take your long irons to reach the greens, but any mistake will see you in the water at the end.
A copse of trees on the left side of the soft dogleg gets a lot of action as golfers try to cut the corner and get a shorter shot into the well-bunkered, undulating (and very fast) green.
1st, 450 yds, par 4: A dogleg hole, with out of bounds wide out to the right, played the second hardest in 1998.
A huge drive down the first set up another birdie on the dogleg 596-yard par five, taking him to four under par for the tournament.
Had the controller wanted you to fly the dogleg from BUSEY to HODAK as published, the clearance would have been specifically a vector to join a segment of the approach.
St Henry's is approached head on, up a gentle dogleg pedestrian ramp to the small foyer lit by natural light at the western entrance.
With major volunteerism and a dip into next year's recreation budget, the town itself and Grindline built it: a dogleg capsule with over vert elbow and an encapsulated fullpipe.
Then it's back to the original course with the seventh a tricky dogleg followed by the 400-yard eighth and short ninth.
17, the 433-yard par 4, with water left and a dogleg right, posted an average score of 4.
11, a 544-yard par 5 featuring a cluster of bunkers at the corner of a dogleg, their fringes lined with wispy fescue.
Buoyed by their opening 67 for a 138 aggregate, the Manchester pair had a stroke to spare over Russell and Mason, who, for the second successive day, burdened themselves with a double-bogey six at the dogleg 10th hole.
Hole 14 will be switched to run west to east and converted from a par 3 to a dogleg par 4.
Across the pond you'll see it emerge, make a dogleg turn, and head in a straight rush across open fields toward the park's boundary, where it stops short a hundred yards from a busy highway.