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motherless calf in a range herd of cattle


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A Gypsy woman living in a truck near Fort Worth sang 'Git Along, Little Dogies.
He notes that three new tools for doing that are the Risk Assessment Method dogies for Water (RAM-W), the Risk Assessment Methodologies for Transmission, (RAM-T) and the Risk Assessment Methodologies for Dams (RAM-D), developed by Sandia National Laboratories.
Along a tarn a delator entangled a dragline Boasting o' tonnages, dogies, ants, and stones As long as Lind balled Gandas near a gas log As it late lit rigatoni and a tag line.
1991) (quoting "Whoopee Ti Yi Yo, Git Along, Little Dogies.
As it did the Puritans to the American shore in the seventeenth century, a mission has brought these soldiers to this wilderness: "For the idea of ranching, of long horns, chuck wagons, and little dogies getting along had already occurred to white men as a stern vision.
Most are short on amenities but long on the kind of activities that are the stuff of fantasy: you may get to do things like herd the dogies, bring in the hay, or ride drag on a multiday cattle drive.
358); and his books that would popularize such songs as "Home on the Range," "Git along, Little Dogies," and "Whoopee Ti Yi Yo.