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Synonyms for doghouse

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

an idiomatic term for being in disfavor

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All K-9 Kondo products also have a limited warranty, which Shown says, "is seldom used because we build our dog doors and doghouses right in the first place.
Brandishing its Redon, Doghouse 1, together with the lithographs, primed the viewer to consider Body by Body's wall works--seven big, mostly monochromatic polyethylene reliefs, caged by rounded bars and sculptural in their initial effect--as drawings.
You show a small card with a picture of a small dog on both sides and three slightly larger cards, each with a picture of a doghouse on one side.
Elie Youssef, a 30-year-old Lebanese resident from the UK, said the concept of doghouses has yet to catch on in the UAE, although many pet owners do not allow pets inside their homes.
Catlow of the engineering firm Tighe & Bond, which is overseeing recent upgrades at the plant, said box-like structures that he referred to as "doghouses" will solve the problem.
Until recently, the dogs were put in an enclosure and tied to a cyclone fence that surrounded a motley assortment of plastic and wooden doghouses.
(Or you could use a couple of the barn-style doghouses for the henhouses, set up on crossbeams.) My chain-link chicken "kennel on wheels" works great if you want a larger number of hens than the wire mini-coop can handle.
Benjamin Moore has helped create a dozen doghouses and a special calendar to raise funds for the Humane Society of New York.
The same system also can provide positive pressure to temperature- or dirt-sensitive equipment on the crane, such as control rooms, doghouses, electrical panels and electrical motors.
The architects teamed up with actor Chevy Chase to create doghouses to be auctioned off for Puppies Behind Bars, which teaches inmates to raise guide dogs for the blind and explosive detection dogs for law enforcement.
Your article on doghouses ("Oh, You Lucky Dogs!," January, page 86) was superb.
Bigger isn't better when it comes to doghouses. You want to provide a shelter large enough so your pet can easily enter it and turn around, but small enough so your dog's own body heat can warm the place.
Their forms grow vaguer in the yards as the slow light falls on swingsets, paved cul-de-sacs, mailboxes, doghouses, acres of cold cars, the whole stilled ocean of roofs.
Whether buying your first or upgrading an old one--dog crates, trailers, doghouses and kennels--every gun dog owner should know these products.