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Synonyms for doghouse

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

an idiomatic term for being in disfavor

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More information on PETA's doghouse program can be found on the organization's ( website , and Bateman fans can next see the actor in ( Hallmark Channel 's "A Brush with Love" on March 30 at 8 p.m.
The Doghouse is run by business partners Jenny Whitham and Margaret Carter, who is also the founder of the successful Ruthin-based Patchwork Pate It offers a hassle free and tranquil holiday let at which pets are welcomed with a host of canine goodies, including a dog blanket, dog towel, dog bowls, dog treat and doggy poo bags, as well as the bottle of doggie beer.
Caption: Every year, the staff at Longenecker's True Value hosts a Doghouse Sale, which offers an opportunity to clear out slow-moving items at highly discounted prices.
Dubai: A student has been accused of sneaking into a villa and stealing two American Bully dogs worth Dh44,000, setting a doghouse on fire and absconding.
If it's not, however, or if you're constructing a free-standing kennel, you'll need some type of doghouse. Very warm, insulated and chew-proof dog houses are available from several manufacturers, and while they're not cheap, most of them should last for years.
GORDON Ramsay is in the doghouse with wife Tana after boasting how he fancied romping with a US telly beauty.
Across the gallery, Body by Body's sculpture Doghouse I (all works by Body by Body, 2014), one of three doghouses in the show, sported NuAlum (a plywood and aluminum composite) laminated with prints of brickwork.
Got it home, collared it and tied it to the doghouse without suffering severe blood loss.
You show a small card with a picture of a small dog on both sides and three slightly larger cards, each with a picture of a doghouse on one side.
"When I couldn't find a proper doghouse, I decided to build one," he said.
She may be in the doghouse with former boyfriend Robert Pattinson after cheating on him with married movie director Rupert Sanders but the 22-year-old can seek comfort with the title, the Daily Express reported.
Stillwater, OK, February 21, 2012 --( Zeus's Doghouse has released four new web pages on Squidoo.
STURBRIDGE - An engineer who was indirectly put in the doghouse over the noise coming from the town's wastewater treatment plant has offered a solution in the form of "doghouses."
The couple officially began business as "DogHouse Motorsports," your local Wenatchee Honda, BRP dealer on August 1.
The book also includes the directions to build a mini doghouse with marshmallows and craft sticks, and an index of terms included in the story.