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Synonyms for doghouse

outbuilding that serves as a shelter for a dog

an idiomatic term for being in disfavor

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Caption: Every year, the staff at Longenecker's True Value hosts a Doghouse Sale, which offers an opportunity to clear out slow-moving items at highly discounted prices.
Dubai: A student has been accused of sneaking into a villa and stealing two American Bully dogs worth Dh44,000, setting a doghouse on fire and absconding.
The design and development of the 'K-9 Kondo Dog Den' began when a guy from Annapolis, Maryland, called to order a K-9 Kondo door for a fancy all-wood doghouse he was building for his nine-month-old Chesapeake retriever.
Doghouse Ska, supported by Pogues tribute band The Pogoes, are in a marquee at Holywood Rugby Club, at 7pm.
Because the bright-eyed terrier cross has landed herself in a luxury PS20,000 Dream Doghouse created by Samsung.
Brandishing its Redon, Doghouse 1, together with the lithographs, primed the viewer to consider Body by Body's wall works--seven big, mostly monochromatic polyethylene reliefs, caged by rounded bars and sculptural in their initial effect--as drawings.
Expression of interest to participate in the negotiated procedure, after informal bidding for the award of Service for the management of the kennel / cattery city of Lucca (Doghouse Doghouse health and shelter) and related services provided by the Regional Law of 20.
com/5414) DogHouse Diaries explains: "Most countries lead the world in something - sometimes good things, sometimes not so good things, and sometimes funny things.
Got it home, collared it and tied it to the doghouse without suffering severe blood loss.
You show a small card with a picture of a small dog on both sides and three slightly larger cards, each with a picture of a doghouse on one side.
THE Teesside-based Doghouse Club, which celebrates its 50th anniversary with a dinner on November 30, wants to track down former members with whom they've lost contact.
When I couldn't find a proper doghouse, I decided to build one," he said.
IT HAPPENS TO US ALL You start to get things mixed up And you cannot walk as far Yesterday I left home on the bus And I came home in a car People's name I often forget Sometimes even my own Right now in the doghouse I called my wife Mary "her name is Joan" Birthdays I cannot remember Back in the doghouse once again My wife did not fall for that old one "But Dearest" you always look the same Where did I leave my glasses?
com)-- Zeus's Doghouse has released four new web pages on Squidoo.
STURBRIDGE - An engineer who was indirectly put in the doghouse over the noise coming from the town's wastewater treatment plant has offered a solution in the form of "doghouses.