doggy bag

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a bag for food that a customer did not eat at a restaurant

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What to do: Ask for a doggy bag (or bring your own reusable container).
I feel no shame at a restaurant in asking for a doggy bag even if what is leftover are scraps.
Charaf Elmoudden and an accomplice allegedly made off with the stash which included iPhones, Apple Mac computers, a Fifty Shades of Grey handbag worth PS2,682 and a Louis Vuitton doggy bag. The 26-year-old was picked out in a line-up by Elena, three months after the burglary.
When I was covering the Oscars, I jokingly asked him to bring us out a doggy bag. And you know, he did!
According to a survey commissioned by Unilever Food Solutions, 26 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds admitted that they were too embarrassed to ask for a doggy bag when dining out, which is one of the main contributing factors to the 8 billion dollars worth of edible food thrown out every year by Australians, reported.
This, too, was an enormous portion, so big, in fact, that we asked for a doggy bag to take half of it home.
"You could get fined 50 euros for not carrying a doggy bag and a shovel.
Another diner ordered a very large platter of fresh salad and left it untouched after his main course was served.People also feel ashamed to take home a 'doggy bag' or food remaining.
GERI Halliwell is pampering a new four-legged friend - with her very own doggy bag.
LIL' BOW WOW is back leading the pack with Doggy Bag (So So Def), the successor to his multiplatinum debut, Beware of Dog.
Finally a friendly passer-by, who happened to speak some English instructed me as to proper animal waste removal, hence, the doggy bags. Since then both my dog and I have done our best to uphold Swiss doggy bag rules, and although I was a little put off by them at first, a recent visit to Paris and its not so doody-free sidewalks makes me appreciate the, little baggies all the more.
The title of Ronald Sukenick's new volume of fiction suggests a collection of pieces that could not be consumed at the right time, but Doggy Bag is by no means as miscellaneous as that sounds.